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No Physical Seminars. No Expensive Logistics. No Team Needed.

From the keyboard of Edmund Loh
Johor, Malaysia

If you have your own online courses and programs that sell at these prices (or want to) and you want to get the most leverage with least effort possible...

Then I think you'll want to pay very close attention to this!

I am about to share with you a seemingly unassuming but powerful business model that helped me go from the brink of collapse to $55,536+ in under 60 days... and go on to do 5 figures every month ever since.

And the amount of work I put in? About 2 hours every week, not everyday.

Where It All Started...

Here's a photo of me conducting one of a series of live seminars in 2019:

I was running the seminar circuit almost every week for a full year and while it probably looks impressive to you, the reality was... I didn't really enjoy it.

I committed to a partnership in this seminar business and my initial thought was to hustle hard, stick with it for a couple of years, and then we'll reap the rewards.

Until then, I had to put up with high expenses that ate into the profits, dealing with difficult people face-to-face, and the constant need to dress to impress (which explains the sharp suit and doing seminars in strictly hotel setting)

Even though I was ready to see this through, it was actually putting a gradual toll on my health and sanity.

Then Something Happened In 2020.

You know what happened. Lockdowns. Worldwide.

And Malaysia was not spared.

I still remember the uncertainty and anxiety wrapping around my mind at the time, as my seminar business grounded to a sudden halt.

This forced me to go back online 100% and just as I was inching my way back up, the next unexpected thing happened:

PayPal had shut down all my accounts!

This totally came from the left field. With neither rhyme nor reason.

Despite more than 14 years of good standing, very minimal disputes and chargebacks I can count with my fingers, PayPal sucker punched me and stole my funds clean.

More than $20,000 gone. Just like that.

Because of that, I had no choice but to let a bunch of people go from my company. In fact, I paid them off with my personal savings.

And not having a PayPal account meant I could not sell my Digital Products, let alone recruit affiliates and do launches.

This was the toughest and most frustrating time, kinda up there with the time I started my online business. I felt like for every 1 step forward, I would be pulled back 3.

My Ticket Out From A Near-Collapsing Business...

Left with very little options, after some soul searching I zeroed in on ONE solution to get me out of the rut: WEBINARS

Now this isn't exactly a groundbreaking business model. I mean, I ran a couple of webinars back in the day and that was so long ago.

Admittedly, I was hesitant at first because it reminded me of my seminar struggles. But at this point, I was desperate for a BREAKTHROUGH and I told myself I have to make this work.

So I found a couple of new payment processors (bye bye, PayPal), renewed my Zoom account subscription, and basically adapted my seminar presentation to ONLINE.

On my first run, I made my presentation and made my first $297 sale.

I know, it's not exactly turning heads, but it was the comeback I badly needed.

Then I tweaked my presentation, took the initial sale and reinvested into paid ads to keep running it every other week, and within the next 60 days... check this out:

How's that for a come back?!

Beyond recovering my losses post-bombshell from PayPal, I didn't look back again.

Fast Forward Today

Even post-lockdowns, webinars continue to grow in popularity and more & more of the masses are accustomed to attending online presentations and training.

Which is good for me. That means I save money, time and effort from having to organize flashy live events, and I can focus that energy on more outreach and delivery

... minus the hefty logistic expenses and hiring more manpower than I know what to do with.

Which is also good for webinar attendees. There's no need for them to travel, and they are just one device away from listening to me, wherever they are in the world.

Think about it:

If you're like me, you speak at an event and reach 50, 100, maybe few hundred people within that vicinity. TOPS.

On the other hand, with a half-past-decent online webinar you can reach easily hundreds, realistically thousands of people worldwide... without leaving your house.

I know live events can look cool for photo op, but having done it and also the online way, live events is just poorer leverage of time and effort (travel, accommodation, preparation, post-event clean up...)

This is why I'm more at peace in recent times, and you probably won't see me gracing the stage (maybe on the occasion, but I'd rather do it for fun and not because I need to)

A disclaimer before I get carried away:

The results I'm sharing with you on this page are of course not typical, and it's by no means a guarantee or promise you'll get the same, exact results.

I love webinars, but just like any other respectable business, you need a proven strategy AND implement it.

So if you do nothing, then naturally that will be the result.

But when you do, hey, I won't be surprised even if you beat me (which I'm not shy to admit, as I have Clients crushing it more than me!)

And that's cool, this shows that the webinar business model isn't exclusive to a certain group of experts, gurus and public figures.

So if you can relate to my story in some ways, maybe you too are sick and tired of working too hard for too little, you want to have certainty once and for all in selling your own online courses and programs every week without the showboating,

Then I have something that will most definitely help you out.

Announcing Webinar Masterclass

For the first time ever, I am releasing the secrets to my webinar business model that you can follow every step of the way so you can effectively sell your own courses and programs to anyone in the world, while working just a couple of hours every week from the comfort of your home.

I go over on how I structure my 90 minute webinar presentation, how to use this one-to-many approach to sell offers between to $300 to $1,000, the follow-up sequence for leads before and after the webinar... the works. I do the full breakdown.

What You'll Discover:

How I use the free webinar business model to seed and sell my $300 to $1,000 courses and programs - and how you can, too, even if this is your first time doing it!
Peel behind the curtains on my 90 minute webinar breakdown - slide by slide - and I go over the rationale behind every segment and section of the presentation.
You also get my webinar slides in PDF for reference (look, this is my hard work and naturally I'm very guarded about it, so don't share this with anyone else)
How to design your order form for webinar attendees to sign up and enroll for your offer...
Winning Landing Page formula that converts 15% to 20% or higher. And that is with cold traffic from paid ads, which is pretty good. And no, it's not the 'typical, simplistic' kind of Landing Page that you might be used to seeing. This one is designed to get webinar signups with STRONG intent.
How to structure your Thank You Page to seed and prep your new signups and keep them excited!
Secret place to get Zoom Webinar account that supports up to 500 attendees at a steep discount of just $13 a month! (you would have to pay $60 to $140 a month on the official site)
My proven email sequence you can swipe and use to have your webinar registrants anticipating your upcoming webinar...
How to maximize your show rate with SMS and WhatsApp blast. You get my templates, I'll share the software I use, and with this I've been getting consistently 30% to 40% show rates (while market standard is 20%)
Discover my post-webinar sequence on how to jack up more sales, especially with the no-shows. No matter what you do, majority of the people will be a no-show. Most webinar trainers focus on the attendees, but the real smart ones won't discount the 70% to 80% no-shows because hey, they signed up for reason in the first place...
How to track your attendees show and no-show (you'll get my spreadsheet template you can use for your own)
How to optimize your webinar funnel so you can maximize your sales with the same effort - this means you get to get chunks of $300 to $1,000 sales whether it's during or even AFTER the webinar is over.
There's still more - I was just scratching the surface...

Everything is online, so there is no wait. You will create your account, log into the members area and you can get started with the first module.

And because I am actively training my Clients with the same materials, I update the syllabus from time to time.

Which is good thing for you - not only I don't intend to charge any recurring fee, the updates will keep you in-the-know and competitive.

Well, I don't know many trainers that are willing to go that kind of lengths for their Clients and members. 🙂

That's not all...

Act Today & You Get My Fast Action Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Email Support Team ($1,997 Value)

If your concern is, "will I get any support if I have any questions?" then don't worry because we got you covered.

When you join Webinar Masterclass, you also get email access to our support team for the next 12 months.

In fact, when you log into the members area, you'll find a chat box at the bottom right corner, so help is just a click away.

Bonus 2: Facebook Ads Mastery ($997 Value)

This is one of the earliest paid advertising methods I've mastered, and it remains of the easiest social media marketing skills to learn today.

In my step-by-step video training, I walk my students and Clients through the steps on how to advertise on Facebook starting with a small budget of a few dollars a day, before scaling.

You can use the same skill taught in this course to sit your own attendees and not have to rely on anyone else (or rather, that can be a nice bonus)

As a plus, I throw in my special report on how to get back disabled ad accounts, business manager, and/or profiles. And if that still doesn't work, I have a rolodex of account suppliers you can connect with, so you can continue advertising.

FYI I used to this teach this in my live workshops, and THIS ALONE is worth many times more than what I'm asking for on this page!

Bonus 3: YouTube Ads Mastery ($997 Value)

I almost didn't want to include this, but it would feel rather irresponsible if I didn't. Alright, here goes...

In recent years, I've been using YouTube to generate leads for my weekly webinars - and platform-to-platform, the ROAS (return on ad spend) can beat FB!

Realistically, in as simple-to-learn as FB Ads is, one of the dangerous problems with Facebook is how ad accounts can be restricted at any time, whether you're policy compliant or not.

That can be an opportunity cost to your business, and that's why I got onto YouTube as the next logical step.

I've generated thousands of leads and made six figures from YouTube Ads alone, running it through my webinars and digital offers.

Cool part is: you can test safely with a small budget before you scale!

In my training, I show how to script your video ad, and how to shoot it using your smartphone (any phone with a dual camera will do) without fancy gadgets and expensive tools.

I also show how to create your YouTube Ad campaign step-by-step, all the targeting you can try (it's not the same as Facebook) and how to do remarketing too.

There is absolutely no need at all to be a content creator when you can just run ads straight on YouTube. Now imagine if you combine both of these traffic sources, you'll become unstoppable!

So, One Last Question: Price?

Not long ago, I saw a high profile online marketer charging $5,000 for admission to an live event for Webinar-preneurs in the US.

It looked like a good deal if you want to grow your webinar business, except that you have to fly there and attend in person (a bit ironic, don't you think?)

And if you want to hear my blunt, frank opinion:

Such events are usually a "Big Boys Club" and if you ain't in it, you ain't.

So if you're a newbie finding your way in the industry or you don't know how to talk your way in, you're just going to find yourself sitting outside their exclusive ring, looking in.

Also, the other unspoken truth?

They need this kind of gathering because they rely on each other to strike joint venture deals and sit attendees. And they have to do that, because many of them don't know how to get their own traffic! (shame, shame)

This is why I'm going to do you MANY TIMES BETTER.

For starters, there is no "live event" for you to come to. Let's cut the chase when you get instant online access to my Webinar Masterclass training course.

Second, I also show you how to get your own attendees so you don't have to rely on or beg others (unlike what these 'gurus' are doing, lol)

Third, it won't cost anywhere near what these guys are charging.

I believe you're smart and you can see the immense value in this, so I won't tease you with a series of price slashing.

For a limited time, you can get my Webinar Masterclass course for just $297.

At this rate, you need to make only 1 webinar sale and this pays itself.

Every sale you make after this is profit.

Why am I making this affordable, when I can actually charge way more... and it's still justified?

Simple. I want to help you get your wins faster.

And who knows, maybe we can do webinar swaps next time, and form our own webinar gang to make big ticket sales together.

Now for this to happen, we need to meet at the same wave length and I think this is the best way to help you get there.

How Do I Know This Will Work For You?

As you've read about my story earlier, it took me less than 60 days to make my comeback.

So it stands to reason that I offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee for Webinar Masterclass.

This means you have ample time to not only check this out, and also put into action every step laid out in my program.

And if this doesn't pan out for you? No problems, contact my helpdesk, let me know and I'll return your purchase.

As you can see, the risk is on me. And I'm willing to do that because that's how much I believe in this business model.

So you have nothing to lose - unless you pass this up.

Act right now - click on the order button below. I'll see you inside!

Secure Order Form

Yes, Edmund! Give Me Instant Access To:

Webinar Masterclass training course which also comes with periodical updates ($1,997 Value)
Bonus 1: Email Support for 12 months ($1,997 Value)
Bonus 2: Facebook Ads Mastery so I can get my own traffic to my webinars ($997 Value)
Bonus 3: YouTube Ads Mastery so I can get my own traffic to my webinars ($997 Value)
60 day ironclad satisfaction guarantee

Total Value: $5,988

Special Price Today


P.S. Just so you know, Webinar Masterclass isn't an overnight "info product".

This represents the culmination of my years of Online Marketing experience, and relentless efforts to push through countless trial & error.

Before opening Webinar Masterclass to the public, I ran a live case study on a friend and client to prove this wasn't a fluke:

Nicholas Ting was a live seminar trainer until the lockdowns happened and he too, had to turn to webinars.

When he first approached me online, he was in dire straits and struggled to get his webinars to run consistently and be profitable - understandably so, given what had happened to me earlier.

With my help, he is able to generate new leads, sit qualified attendees, and sell his own programs week in, week out...

... And within the next 12 months, he generated in excess of $300,000! (the screenshot above is a little dated, that was at the 6 month mark)

Again, with just Webinars.

So if you're a Course Creator, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Educator, Online Marketer...

You can see why this is powerful and I do it with 100% conviction.

If you want the coming months or this year to be different for your business, then the decision starts with YOU and NOW.


P.P.S. By the way, I don't plan to keep the price this low for too long. I had a casual chat with my neighbor the other day, and she is paying a lot more for her son's school tuition fee!

So at first, I was seriously mulling on charging prices like $997, or at least $497... in fact, prior to this, this was reserved mainly for my personal Mentorship Clients.

But because this is just launched to my subscribers list, I am doing a limited massive scholarship discount run.

So act right now - before I change my mind and increase the price!


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