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From the keyboard of Edmund Loh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Professional,

There must be a lot of things demanding your attention now, and you chose to be here. For that, I am going to make it worth your while by sharing a simple yet powerful solution that will change the way you run your Facebook ads forever - and by extension, your life!

I know this seems like a bold promise, but I have spent 6 figures worth of ad spend for many different niches to generate leads and roping in clients that would pay me up to $25,000 for my service. It took me several years to crack the code in Facebook marketing, and several tricks in producing a good ad.

I know this could possibly be a game changer for your business and most importantly, how to earn more sales. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to stay with me on this page until the end and digest everything that I say. 

Why Is This Different?

I know most entrepreneurs or business owners out there are facing one common problem: Generating More Leads And Sales To Their Business.

And most of time, this stems from the lack of understanding in running their own Facebook ads. Among the issues that they always encounter is:

Difficulties getting  people to sign up with your Facebook Ad? 
No one is seeing their Ads?
Coming up with a good Facebook Ad?

Many others who does Facebook ads for themselves or other businesses face these problems so you’re not alone.

I will reveal to you how I’ve been boosting my sales and generating leads that pay me up to $25,000 for my service just by running Facebook ads.

At the same time, I’ll also prove to you that it’s possible to do just that without having to go through all the hassles of crafting your ads or lose money by going through the trial and error process.

This is what made me go from not getting any leads, not getting qualified leads, to seeing my leads come in by the dozens and also them being eager to take on my product or service, and pay me big bucks.

By The End Of This Page, You Will Discover:

How to generate even more sales and boost your leads without having to go through a trial and error process.
How to save a lot of time and money needed for you to create a successful Facebook ad based on your own specialization or niche. 
And how to start running your own successful Facebook ad today… without any technical skill or depending on social media agencies

But Before We Go Any Further, Who Am I & Why Listen To A Word I Say?

I started business for the first time in 2005, and made my first $3 million selling digital products and services through the Internet.

After several years of selling e-books, videos, memberships, software, and consulting,    I reflected on the actions I took that shaped my business and life today. If there is one skill that made all that possible, I’d say it’s… Facebook ads. In fact, this goes back a couple years more.

As far as marketing goes, a lot of marketers in this space are hung up on methods like joint ventures, solo ads, blogging, free traffic, etc.

Sure, these can get results - but let's face it: these methods don't work the way they used to.

When my business was on a decline or I found myself working harder to produce the same results, I knew I had to try something new - Master Facebook Ads.

It took me years to master this art and I knew if I wanted to stay relevant, I had to   NAIL. THIS. DOWN.

All That Paid Off When I Decided To Master Facebook Ads. Since Then, I...

Manage to continue selling a lot of my products even after the launch is over
Attract Clients to my webinars and funnels
Do marketing agency work for local businesses
Sit people for my live seminars
And in the process, taught my Clients to do the same for their businesses (regardless of industry)
Generated 5 to 6 figures in sales by running Facebook Ads.

Now, I don’t depend on old school methods or referrals anymore to generate my leads and sales. All of this is made possible just by running Facebook ads!

The bottom line is: This works for any business and niches. And this works for anywhere. For anyone.

(I think I should also mention this: some people think that you have to be a techie in order to create and run Facebook ads - this is just not true. After experiencing this breakthrough and helping others to do the same, I can tell you from first-hand account that running Facebook ads is simple, and can garner you more leads and sales when done right!)

So What Changed? How Did I Manage To Rope In More Leads And Sales From Facebook Ads?

Looking back to when my business was on a decline and I was working so hard to crack the code to generate more leads and sales, these were the things that I did (which I thought could save my business):

Building a personal or company brand - nice logo, professional website...
Become a 'macro-celebrity' - write a bestselling book, appear in the media...
Posting content on blogs and social media everyday
Creating low-ticket product funnels to back-end consulting and launching it
Depending on referrals for potential business opportunities

Even though I did everything in this list that everyone else thought is important (and then some), it did not move the needle in my business. In fact, I continued to struggle.

Now I don't know if these are the right ways, but I can tell you one thing for sure: these are definitely hard ways! 

So imagine my surprise when I discovered how much EASIER it actually is to really generate more leads and boost your sales:

1. Set up a Landing Page

2. Run Facebook Ads

3. Get on a call with them to close

That's it. 3 steps. Don't you think this is a lot easier to follow compared to the list of ways earlier?

Ever since I cracked the code to mastering Facebook ads, I get asked all the time how it's done. And let's be frank: this is not something that can be taught in a Whatsapp message, or over a cup of coffee even.

That’s why I’ve come up with a bundle of over 40 Facebook Ad Templates called the “Super FB Ad Templates” so you can discover my jealously guarded secrets to this lead generation machine. 

Why Facebook Ads Is The Best Leads And Sales Generating Machine

After years of trying to crack the code on the most effective ways to generate leads and sales, I’ve found out why Facebook ads is the best platform to do so:

There are 2.3 billion months active users on Facebook (as of this time of writing and it’s growing)
Smart AI finds customers for you
The Facebook AI is a lot smarter than when it was first founded. It is in Facebook’s best interest to help its advertisers target the right prospects and customers. 
You can save lost sales through Retargeting
You have your own marketing channel that you can control and scale at anytime you want!
This is the most versatile marketing skill that anyone can and should master if they want to stay relevant in the world of business today

Not to mention that you can start as low as $5 per day to test your market, so you can start spending conservatively and I recommend you do the same. This is one of the most low risk marketing methods you can ever opt for, which will garner you massive results.

Why Anyone Can Do This And How To Start Running Your Own Facebook Ads

Most people imagine running Facebook ads as something technical and requires a lot of effort in doing so.

But if you are thinking right now, "Oh Edmund, that's because you are an expert and you know how marketing works!” 

Well when I started this I was anything but. In fact, I’ve failed for a couple of times before successfully cracking the code on running Facebook ads.

What I'm saying is, you don't need to waste time going through the process of trial and error, learning the formula, or trying to write and design the right kind of Facebook ad. 

Why not just shortcut your learning curve, and repurpose from a proven FB ad template suited for all niches?

Why Depending On Referrals And Traditional Methods Is A
Thing Of The Past

I know that most businesses depend on a referral basis in order to get their clients and sales, and practicing traditional methods such as using flyers, newspaper ads or magazine ads.

However, it’s fair to say that once you’ve tried out all the above, your means of generating leads are almost exhausted. So, what next?

Now that you know there’s a more evergreen and effective way to generate more leads and sales without wasting too much effort, cost, and time, do you think you can do this?

Most importantly, you don’t have to do anything from scratch, and all you need is to follow from example.

Announcing My Super FB Ad Templates

Super FB Ad Templates is a bundle of over 40 Facebook Ad Templates that you can swipe and personalise into your own Ads within minutes from now for multiple niches.

These Ad Templates are the results after spending over 6 Figures in Facebook Ads for many different niches. These Templates also cover products and services in various niches.

Instead of spending time and money on figuring out how you should make your FB Ads, you can now bypass all this within minutes.

Here’s What You’ll Get In Super FB Ad Templates…

You get tried and tested FB advertisements in markets and uses like...

Real Estate
Service Provider / Agency
Finance & Insurance
Digital / Info Product / Webinar
Seminar & Live Event
Retargeting (Discount Coupon)
And more...

That’s not all, I also include notes that explain why the ads were written and designed deliberately to attract sign ups and purchases. Ultimately, you have a working model and all you need is to re-purpose them for your own!

Act Today & Get These Fast Action Bonuses:

BONUS #1: FB Ad Hacks
Value $47
But It's Yours For FREE!)

Speed Guide On How To Optimize Your Ads - this is a quick-and-easy, run-down guide on how to create and split test your Facebook Ads - and by extension Instagram Ads.

Discover how to optimize your ads for maximum profits with minimum cost per action!

BONUS #2: FB Group "Lead Generation, FB Ads & Funnels"
(Value $297
But It's Yours For FREE!)

Join our growing community of business owners and marketers from around the world with one aim: GROWTH.

Grow your list, raise your prices, make your business evergreen - all shared in this exclusive, closed door FB Group with hundreds of members and counting!

Join our growing community of business owners and marketers from around the world with one aim: GROWTH.

Grow your list, raise your prices, make your business evergreen - all shared in this exclusive, closed door FB Group with hundreds of members and counting!

Recap: Everything You Are Getting In The Super FB Ad Templates

Super FB Ad Templates ($197 value)

Fast Action Bonus #1:   FB Ad Hacks ($47 value)

Fast Action Bonus #2: FB Group "Lead Generation, FB Ads And Funnel'' ($297 value)

Total Value: $541

If all this did was to start helping your business in generating even more leads and sales, where you get clients paying you up to 5 to 6 figures…will that be more than worth it?

And if all this did was get you out of a dead-end job or a dying business so you can make more money and free your time to do the things you love... will that be worth it?

You can see why my Super FB Ad Templates is valued as such. But you want to see a better deal right?

Here’s What I’m Willing To Do For You…

These Facebook Ad Templates have generated over 5 to 6 figures in sales and are some of the best Facebook Ads.

It wasn't easy deciding how to price these templates, however I choose to go with your best interest in mind.

I will make this affordable for you so you can start now and improve your Facebook Ads and get more leads and sales in the fastest time possible without spending so much money and time doing your own trial and error.

I'm not giving this away for free because people tend to ignore and not appreciate what they get without paying.

And if you're in business and want to make money, you definitely have to be prepared to invest in yourself.

At the same time, I want to be able to help more people in generating more leads and sales, and scale their business.

So, I’m willing to lower the cost of this product with immense value to…

not $197.

But a One-Time Payment of $77 only.

At this juncture, all you need to do is get instant access to the Super FB Ad Templates, Swipe & Upgrade your ad campaigns starting today.

I'll Stake My Reputation On My Product With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to test run and give Super FB Ad Templates a go. Use them in your FB Ad campaigns and measure the results

If it’s not up to your expectations or didn’t garner you the results you expected - then I’ll buy the templates back from you. You have a good full month to tty this out risk-free.

As I am shouldering the risk of your investment, you've got absolutely nothing to lose - except passing this up.

To up the ante, you get to keep the Bonuses as a token of trying. Deal?

Get Instant Access To Super FB Ad Templates Now

Yes, Edmund! I Want Access To The Super FB Ad Templates Now!
I Understand I Will Be Getting The Following:

Super FB Ad Templates ($197 Value)  
Fast Action Bonus #1: FB Ad Hacks ($47 Value)
Fast Action Bonus #2: FB Group "Lead Generation, FB Ads And Funnel'' ($297 Value)

Get Instant Access To Super FB Ad Templates For $197
One-Time Payment Of Just $77!

Super FB Ad Templates

P.S. Understand something: money is just a resource. It's replenishable, and you can more than make it back. But you know what you can't get back? TIME.

The most foolish thing anyone can do right now is try to figure everything out by themselves, when the code has already been cracked by others. Thus the smartest thing to do now is follow what already works NOW.

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