How To Save Up To €20,000 In Stripe Processing Fees

Step 1: Sign Up For JoinSecret Using This Link:


(Register a FREE account first...)

Step 2: Go To This Page:

And email them to see if your Stripe account is eligible for the waiver on transaction fees or not.

If your account is eligible, then proceed to Step 3...

Step 3: Upgrade your account to UNLIMITED DEAL plan ($199/year, $39/year after)

By the way, through my link you should be able to get a 20% off on that pricing too. I had exchanged emails with the founder, Jean-Loup, on arranging this.

Use this coupon code: musemancer

Anyways, you're basically paying $199 instead of €20,000 in processing fees over the next 1 year. It's a no-brainer if you're transacting sales regularly.

Also, you have the choice to continue the next year (perhaps set yourself up a reminder next year if you want to continue or not, I did...)



That said, there are also other perks and discounts on this platform you can look into. If you are using other services like TypeForm, Twilio, Amazon Web Service, etc. (there's 200+ services so I can't name them all obviously) then you can apply for eligibility and see if you can save further.

Hope this helps,

Edmund Loh

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