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DELUXE COMPONENT #1: MP4 Videos To All Marketing Titles

Essentially, you get the video version of each Product with an overall running time of 2 hours 16 minutes 53 secondsThis component alone can easily catapult your Offer into middle to high ticket range.

Here's a rundown on the video modules for each Product:

1. Content Marketing Secrets

1-0 The Ultimate Marketing Strategy To Help You Grow Your Business [4:26]
2-0 Coming Up With Your Content Marketing Strategy [3:37]
3-0 10 Methods To Generate Content Idea Quickly [3:07]
4-0 6 Major Characteristics Of High-Converting Content [2:01]
5-0 4 Simple Tips To Help You Write Persuasive Content [1:36]
6-0 Promoting Your Content [3:44]
7-0 10 Places To Distribute Your Content For Even More Traffic [4:50]
8-0 Conclusion [2:13]

2. Funnel Secrets

1-0 Funnel Secrets [2:10]
2-0 Constructing an Appealing Front-End Offer [3:53]
3-0 Creating Upsell With High Conversion [4:35]
4-0 Downsell A Foolproof Guide [4:05]
5-0 2nd And 3rd Upsell Guide [5:16]
6-0 Developing High-Ticket Backend [5:09]
7-0 The 101 Guide To Write Buyer Follow Up Email [3:02]
8-0 Establish Your Killer Sales Funnel [2:39]

3. Email List Secrets

1-0 Search Engine Optimization [3:20]
2-0 Article Marketing [2:40]
3-0 Paid Newsletter Advertising [3:37]
4-0 Pay-Per-Click Strategy [3:54]
5-0 Facebook Marketing [3:45]
6-0 Press Release [2:14]
7.0 Using Special Report To Launch Your Campaign [5:26]

4. High Ticket Secrets

1-0 Mindset Of High Ticket Client [13:51]
2-0 High Ticket Program [6:17]
3-0 Webinar [11:31]
4-0 Sending Traffic [9:17]
5-0 Its All About Strategies [9:51]
6-0 Client Care [3:46]

DELUXE COMPONENT #2: MP3 Audio Version

The audio can double as Audiobook. You can include this as part of the product you are selling, add introduction and ending music, or do audio streaming on your website.

DELUXE COMPONENT #3: PowerPoint Slides To All Videos

As videos are mainly PowerPoint based, it makes sense that we also include the 301 PPT slides - deliberately simple and minimalist for easier personalization (if you want)

DELUXE COMPONENT #4: Transcript To All Videos

If you want to do your own voice over or preferred text to speech tool, the transcript is also included for the videos in WORD and PDF. You're looking at a total page count of!

DELUXE COMPONENT #5: Workbook And Templates

These are frame works, scripts and templates that you can include as Bonus or value add-on to your courses, for your members and students to use. The WORD docs are included for ease of editing and rebranding.

DELUXE COMPONENT #6: Sales Copy Upgrade For Each Title

Naturally, you also get the sales copy and thank you page for this Deluxe offer that you can personalize as your own, add your buy button in, and stack into your funnel.

DELUXE COMPONENT #7: Sales Video Upgrade For Each Title

Also included with the sales materials, if you are using this as your own Upsell. Comes with PowerPoint slides and transcript if you want to do your own voice over.

DELUXE COMPONENT #8: Graphics Bundle Upgrade

You get the Graphics set to this Deluxe package, including the editable PSD files that can be opened in Photoshop or GIMP.

DELUXE COMPONENT #9: Facebook Ad Creatives

If you run social media ads, you'll find the ready-made ad copies and image creatives an absolute time saver.

I've done my best to ensure the ad copies are compliant by the latest Facebook / Meta advertising policies (as of time of this writing) though you are encouraged to make your own slight changes at least.

DELUXE COMPONENT #10: Private Label Rights License To All

As with the Main bundle, you also get the private label license to all the Components in this Deluxe upgrade, with the same flexible terms.

With This Upgrade Package:

You can resell the videos and keep all the sales
You can position this Offer as your own Bump or Upsell
You can charge higher price due to its audio and video format
You can start your own course or webinar class
You can run social media ads to this Offer
Remember you get the Private Label Rights too - which means you can edit, personalize and customize (and much more within the terms)

This is perfect for you if you want to save the time, effort and energy from creating your own Upsell package. You can plug in this Deluxe package and create an additional income stream almost right away...

+Plus Only On This Page, You Also Get:

Recap On Everything You Get:

MP4 Videos To All Marketing Titles (30) - $6,997 Value
MP3 Audio To All Marketing Titles (30) - $1,997 Value
PowerPoint Slides To All Videos - $2,997 Value
Transcript To All Videos - $2,997 Value
Workbook And Templates For Each Marketing Title - $1,997 Value
Sales Copy Upgrade For Each Marketing Title (4) - $4,997 Value
Sales Video Upgrade For Each Marketing Title (4) - $3,997 Value
Graphics Bundle Upgrade For Each Marketing Title (4) - $997 Value
Facebook Ad Creative For Each Marketing Title - $497 Value
Private Label Rights License To All - $4,997 Value
Super Bonus 1: Traffic Mastery Program - $197 Value
Super Bonus 2: Graphics House Club - $97 Value
Super Bonus 3: Video Ad Templates - $497 Value
Super Bonus 4: 500 HD Stock Photos - $2,500 Value
Super Bonus 5: 40 Infographics Business with PLR - $697 Value

Total Value: $36,458

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