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What Is Online Success Bundle?

Online Success Bundle is a collection of marketing titles that covers content marketing, funnel building, email marketing, and high ticket topics.

I am including the Private Label Rights to each of them, so you can rebrand, resell and keep all the sales. This way, you can use the books for your own, you can also have an additional income stream by rebranding and reselling them as yours.

You're Getting:

4 Of My Latest Online Business & Marketing Titles
The Private Label License To Them All
Everything You Need To Start & Grow Your Business Today
All These For 1 Affordable Price!
Also Protected By My 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee 🙂

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Location: Johor, MALAYSIA

Dear Online Business Owner,

If you want to hit your monthly income goals easier by having access to high demand marketing products that you don't need to create from scratch, or spend a small fortune in outsourcing costs, then you're going to love this!

Even if you don't plan to buy anything from this page, I promise you'll be walking away with valuable business advice because I am a firm believer in demonstrating VALUE FIRST.

That's right. You'll discover some cool stuff on what makes marketing top guns 'tick' before you even buy anything, and just maybe... this is the most informative 'sales page' you've read in a long time.

Right now there's a lot of upset, unhappy and angry people out there getting ripped off, in a state of confusion, and struggling with information overload.

First thing's first: I want help you de-clutter your mind, gain crystal clear clarity on your business direction and just as importantly, reclaim your confidence. Cool?

As you probably already know, I've been in the online marketing industry for quite some time now - since 2005, to be exact. I've sold millions of dollars in products and services purely through the Internet.

But I don't want to make this about me. Let's focus on YOU.

The State Of Internet Marketing Today.

If you're like me and you've hung around long enough, you can't possibly miss the vicious cycle repeating again and again.

Newcomers to the world of digital marketing bedazzled with hyped up income claims and promises of quick riches...

Marketers selling shoddy, poorly tested products and take little pride in their work...

"Shiny objects" a.k.a. the latest way to make money online...

And who's the victim at the end of it all?

Often times, it's the well-meaning person that just wants to seek a better life through honest side or full-time income.

Now this isn't exactly new. It's been going on since Day 1. But... is it just me or do you also feel it's going from bad to worse in recent times?

No wonder trust is getting harder to come by these days.

What If I Told You Making Money Isn't That Hard?

As I'm writing this, I've been marketing online for slightly more than 18 years now and here's what I've learned:

If you use basic business acumen and cut through all the noise out there, you'll realize that most people - even well-intentioned ones - make it more complicated than it actually is.

Sure, there are probably a million ways to make a million dollars...

E-Commerce, Digital Product Publishing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Cost Per Action, Solo Ads, Media Buy, Arbitrage, Joint Ventures, JV Brokering, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Ads, Organic Content Marketing, Consulting, Coaching, Software, SaaS, Scripts & Templates, Service Providing, Copywriting, Graphics...

The list goes on, that's just at the top of my head.

But... Do you really need to do all of them before you start making your first dollar?

Yes, you will find there are successful people in everyone of these methods, but you won't find them try to do every single thing under the sun.

Instead, I propose that you stick to a few core principles that you absolutely can never go wrong. It's proven to work for years, decades, and will continue for a long time to come.

What Experts Do To Make Money Online...

When it comes to creating a profitable long-term business, I'll sum it up in 4 main steps. And so you get a better idea, I'll share some REAL examples of public figures you might already know.

1. Create And Demonstrate Valuable Content

If you want to attract the right audience, it all starts with your message. But don't expect to wing it with just 1 or 2 'pieces' of content.

When you study the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Alex Hormozi, they're consistently putting out content on a daily basis. While you don't necessarily have to do that, you should have a set schedule or frequency.

The more targeted content you put out there, the higher your visibility in the market.

This is all the more imperative if your offer is less understood and requires more education and awareness building.

2. Build A Loyal Following

This is as time-tested as it can get, and there's no particular public figure to mention because... Everyone should be having their own email list!

Yes social media is growing more popular than ever, but email remains the leading channel for online sales.

Whether you sell digital products, training or E-Commerce, if you want to be able to continuously reach out to your subscribers and Customers there is no better way to do it than via email marketing.

So if you're not building your list right now, the next best time is start RIGHT NOW.

3. Have Your Own Products

What else do all high achieving business owners have in common? They have their own products.

It's not affiliate marketing. It's not joining a Network Marketing program.

Sure, you can make money doing these - but if you want to exercise CONTROL and FLEXIBILITY you should be owning the ladder, not climbing it.

This is why Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame wrote dozens of books and produced multiple programs and the signature board game CashFlow. This is why Grant Cardone didn't stop at writing just the 10X book.

Which leads to the next point...

4. Have Your Own Flagship, Premium Program

This takes level 1 through 10 fast, and behind the scenes, this is responsible for making serious income and breakthroughs for high performing entrepreneurs.

Selling your own digital products, books, and low-priced items have their place in the funnel... but nothing beats having your own signature Program that you can charge thousands of dollars or higher.

T Harv Eker has his high-level Signature Programs like Quantum Leap, Warrior Camp, Guerrilla Business Intensive, and Train The Trainer. Tony Robbins has Date With Destiny among others...

When you combine all these components together, hitting 7 and 8 figures becomes a lot more possible and humanly doable. Even if you fall a wee bit short, will you be okay with at least a comfortable six figures?

That's Why I Created These Marketing Titles For The Online Success Bundle...

I call it the "Online Success Bundle" simply because that's what it is. I created the marketing titles named after each success component mentioned above, and instead of offering them piecemeal, I've decided to bundle everything into one!

Check them out in detail below...

Online Success Title #1: Content Marketing Secrets

Content Marketing Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your content marketing journey and elevate your online business.

In this blueprint, you will discover 6 bulletproof strategies that work and is proven time and time again.

This guide also unravels the characteristics of high-converting content, tactics which are not widely shared and kept secret by expert content marketers.

What's Covered In This 44-Page Book:

No. 1 secret that experts keep to themselves on content marketing
How content marketing can 'massage' your cold leads and turn them into buyers
10 methods to come up with content ideas like clockwork
Tried and tested content marketing strategy as used by experts
How to create compelling content even if you're not an influencer or public figure
6 types of content that gets attention and eyeballs
10 places to distribute your content and generate new leads
And much more...

Online Success Title #2: Email List Secrets

Email is not only very much alive today, it might come as surprise to many that email still leads as the no. 1 online channel for sales (and not really social media)

Email List Secrets goes into depth on various email list building techniques that you can apply to grow your responsive list of buyers in the fastest time possible!

What's Covered In This 60-Page Book:

7 totally unique strategies to build your email list even if you're new and haven't done this before
Convert idle website visitors into action taking signups
Various traffic-building methods to get people to your landing page (free and low-cost)
How to monetize your email list
And a lot more...

Online Success Title #3: Funnel Secrets

The days of making profits from a single product are long over and behind us. If you want to be profitable, you need to have a funnel.

That's exactly what Funnel Secrets is about, and you will discover how to turn every dollar in ad spend into two or more. Or how to get the same number of Customers to spend more with you, without exerting extra effort on your part.

What's Covered In This 49-Page Book:

Proven, high level techniques used by successful Internet marketers to double, triple, even 10x their sales
How to create an irresistible main Product
Followed by a string of Offers that Customers want to buy, too!
How to skyrocket your Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value manifold
And much more...

Online Success Title #4: High Ticket Secrets

If all the strategies up to this point takes you from 0 to 1, this takes you from 1 to 10. High Ticket Secrets reveal the jealously guarded strategies of high level experts enrolling premium Clients at big ticket prices!

What's Covered In This 50-Page Book:

How to enroll Clients anywhere from $2,000 up to $25,000!
How to position yourself as the go-to authority figure
Types of premium programs you can do (and deliver)
Where to find Clients (and just as important, how to qualify them)
Step-by-step system to introduce your Client, filter, and close
And so much more...

Everything An Online Business Should Have.

Most people try to 'wing it' in business, not realizing one cannot make do with just 1 or some working components. To create a truly sound and solid Business, all the dots must connect.

This is why I've come up with a more holistic approach.

And no, you don't have to be in business for years - let alone decades - to start seeing results, when you can start today, take action, and see results as you go.

FYI I've personally invested well over six figures in mentorship and business education. I mean, if you put in $100,000 to learn how to build a business that brings in $1,000,000 - isn't that a really good trade?

But of course, not everyone has that kind of money laying around and to many people, even ten thousand dollars can feel like a million dollars.

So, what if I can help make this more affordable to you?

One of my good friends in this industry is selling his course at close to $100. If my math is mathing, I could be selling all of these for $400.

Then, there's a problem I hear all the time: "It's going to take time to go through and apply all these strategies, right?"

What if there's a way to earn while you learn?

This gave me another idea:


In the off chance you're new to this concept, Private Label Rights (or PLR in short) is the license to edit and rebrand the product. Unlike normal resale rights, you can put your name on the product, customize the contents, make your own changes, and more - which I'll explain below.

After that, you can resell the product and because it's digital in nature, you keep all the sales minus transaction fees from your payment processor (which is usually so small, it's negligible)

Normally, licensing like this easily cost thousands of dollarsJust so you know I'm not making this up, here's a post from a marketing top gun in a Facebook group:

I too have sold licensing deal at prices like this:

So don't think I'm afraid to charge 🙂

That said, I'm keeping to my earlier promise to make this affordable so I'm going to do something DIFFERENT this time...

I am bundling the Private Label Rights to each of the marketing books in this package minus the hefty licensing fees.

And to make sure you can get started in the fastest time possible, I'm even sponsoring you the marketing materials!

What's Included:

WORD Doc Version To Each Book

Next to the PDF Books, you get the editable version to a collective 203 pages of solid content that you can edit, personalize further, add your own affiliate or next offer links.

Pro Graphics Sets

While you can use the Graphics set as it is, with the PSD files you can edit in Photoshop or GIMP, allowing for more customization like color change, title change, adding your name, etc.

Ready-Made Sales Letters

Save big on hefty copywriter fees! Just add your name or pen name, put in your buy button, set it up on your web host... and you're ready to go!

Ready-Made Sales Videos

Just as well, you get the Sales Video because it's essential. While ready-to-go, I'm including the PowerPoint files and transcript in case you want to record your own voice over.

Email Promo Series

I've saved you the trouble of writing these emails yourself - by having it done for you.

With these email series, you can make slight changes, put in the link to sales page, and mail your list immediately, or set up an autoresponder campaign to make it evergreen.

Each Product has 4 emails, totaling up to 16 overall.

Private Label Rights License

Ultimately, you get the coveted Private Label Rights. Remember, this goes for all the books in this bundle!

Some Cool Ideas With The Private Label Rights:

You CAN put your name or pen name as the author
You CAN change the titles
You CAN edit the contents i.e. chapters, personalize, add links, etc.
You CAN rewrite it to be more unique using A.I. tools
You CAN edit the Sales Letter and Sales Video
You CAN edit the Graphics
You CAN resell and keep 100% of the sales
You CAN use as One-Time Offer and Upsells in your funnel
You CAN repurpose content to other formats e.g. audiobook, publish physical, etc.
You CAN put into paid membership site
You CAN bundle with other products and form your own attractive package
You CAN use as Bonus to another product you are selling
You CAN use as lead gen giveaway
You CAN translate to other languages

While the license allows for high degree of flexibility, just one thing that's a no-no:

You CANNOT resell or give away the Private Label Rights. I am the only and sole authority to sell the Private Label Rights to this product

That's it, really. This is my hard work, so if you are planning to get the Private Label Rights then all I ask is that you respect and abide by the terms and conditions.

Get The Online Success Bundle Now.

Alright, I've teased you for quite a bit now, so how much is it?

Instead of thousands of dollars for custom licensing...

Or hundreds of dollars...

Or even a hundred bucks...

I'm giving all these to you for a mere $19.95.

That's less than 5 dollars per book.

Including the Private Label Rights.

Including the reseller materials.

At this point, some of my friends in this industry must think I'm crazy. But you have to be insane NOT to take this up.

Because really, I've lowered the barrier of entry so low that all you need to do is resell just a copy or two of anything in this bundle, and this already pays itself. Every sale you make after this is pure profit.

Beyond that, imagine the opportunities you get to create along the way, like growing your digital product range and building your own tribe of Customers.

With this package, you too can be changing lives and delivering positive impact by reaching out to people in your ways.

Fast Action Bonuses

(For A Limited Time Only)

Bonus #1: Step-By-Step Video Training On How To Brand And Setup This PLR Product

Even if you are new, I'll show how you can take this private label package - or any others for that matter - and set everything up! This includes:

How to edit your Sales Page and Thank You page
How to put in your Buy Buttons and start receiving payments
How to upload to your web host
And a list of recommended resources I use for my business

This Is $47 Value INCLUDED FREE!

Bonus #2: Closed Door, FB Group Community For Digital Marketers

I run a closed-door Facebook group focused on Lead Generation, Funnels & Facebook Ads - practically the very things you need to succeed online. You get to join me and the rest of the other like-minded online marketers in one place!

This Is $97 Value INCLUDED FREE!

Bonus #3: Digital Business Workshop

In this exclusive 1.5 hour online presentation, I take you behind the scenes on how online marketers build a 7 figure business creating and selling 'digital assets' - and how to do that without high startup cost, technical skill, own product, or becoming famous!

This Is $297 Value INCLUDED FREE!

Total Value: $441

Yours FREE When You Get Online Success Bundle!

NOTE: These Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.

To round this up, I'm staking my reputation on this offer with a

60 Day "You'll Love This Or It's Your Money Back" Guarantee

That's right. I'm giving you a full 60 days to check this out risk-free and if you find it's not worth what you've paid for, or it doesn't meet your strict expectations, contact my support helpdesk, and we'll buy it back from you. You get to keep the Bonuses as a token for trying. Cool?

There Is One *small* Catch, Though...

And that is... I'm not going to keep the price this low forever.

I have individual products currently being sold at prices higher than what I am asking for on this page. At a later time, I might break this package into single products. I might even remove the Private Label license altogether.

So if you want to have all the marketing titles on this page, including the license to private label and resell them even... PLUS all the Fast Action Bonuses mentioned above at no extra cost, then you need to act right now!



Marketing Title #1: Content Marketing Secrets ($97 Value)
Marketing Title #2: Funnel Secrets ($97 Value)
Marketing Title #3: Email List Secrets ($97 Value)
Marketing Title #4: High Ticket Secrets ($97 Value)
Ready-Made Sales Copy For Each Product x 4 ($1,988 Value)
Sales Video For Each Product x 4 ($1,988 Value)
Pro Graphics Set To Each Product x 4 ($1,188 Value)
Email Series Set For Each Product Total: 16 ($500 Value)
Private Label Rights License To All Of Them ($2,788 Value)


PLR Setup Training ($47 Value)
FB Group Access ($97 Value)
Digital Business Workshop Webinar Pass ($297 Value)

Total Value: $9,281 

Special Price Today Only $19.95


We securely process payments with 256-bit security encryption

Internet Marketer Since 2005

P.S. The TLDR Version...

I am releasing a collection of marketing titles that covers content marketing, funnel building, email marketing, and high ticket topics.

I am including the Private Label Rights to each of them, so you can rebrand, resell and keep all the sales.

This way, you can not only use the marketing books for your own, you have an additional income stream by turning them into instant products you can call yours.

For many reasons, I should be charging thousands of dollars for this, but it won't be a special deal without a massive discount, so I'm making this super affordable and within reach for you.

And when you act today, you also get all the Fast Action Bonuses mentioned on this page at no extra cost.

Remember, your purchase is covered by my 60 days satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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