Online Business Setup Training

with Edmund Loh

I show you how to set up your Online Business with all the essential tools you need to run one.

While I recognize there are experienced users among our Customers, this training is designed with the assumption that you're totally new to this. (And even then, you might pick up some cool information gems along the way...)

That said, we do our best to be as straight to the point as possible while sharing with you what you need to do to get going.

Step 1: Get A Domain Name

Like every other Internet Marketer, you're going to need a website. And a website has 2 parts to it: Domain Name and Web Host. Let's get a domain name first.

If you're an absolute beginner, a domain name is basically your website address a.k.a. your dot com (or any other extension)

We've been using NameCheap for years and have dozens of domains with them. It's only $10+ a year so it's pretty inexpensive.

Some Domain Name Tips:

1. Keep it within 2 to 3 words, 4 words max.

2. Avoid using hyphens and numbers.

3. It's easy to mention verbally.

4. If you're not sure what name to get, get your own name! (provided it is available) Understandably, .com is becoming a premium nowadays so if you can get that'd be great.

5. .com is a first choice, otherwise you can settle for .net and .co (but avoid using obscure extensions like .xyz because yuck...)

6. Google "namecheap coupon [month] [year]" and find the latest coupon code that can help you save a bit.

Step 2: Get A Web Hosting Account

After getting a domain name, you'll need a web hosting account next.

I've used a lot of web host services throughout my career, and jumped from one web host to another every few years.

We're happy campers with KnownHost, and their support is amazingly fast and helpful (usually within minutes!)

We have a Dedicated Server and VPS with them, though for absolute beginners you can make do with a Shared Hosting or Reseller option.

And if you plan to have more websites, you can just upgrade later. Prices are rather affordable and competitive.

After getting this web host, you need to connect to your domain name.

Step 3A: Sign Up For Payment Processor

There are various payment processors, but for absolute beginners you should definitely have a Stripe account to send and receive payments.

Step 3B: Sign Up For Marketplace Account

In the most basic way, you can start accepting payments with Stripe because with it, you can create buy buttons and put on your sales page (which will be shown in a later step)

If you want to structure your own sales funnel, be able to recruit affiliates, integrate with more than one payment processor (like above), integrate with autoresponder, and have a bit more exposure for your product, strongly consider signing up for marketplaces like JVZoo and WarriorPlus and Digistore24.

You don't have to put your product on every single platform; just choosing one will do.

Open JVZoo Account (they take 5% transaction fee per sale)

Open WarriorPlus Account (similarly, they charge 4.9% + $0.10 transaction fee, rates can be lower depending on your sales volume)

Open Digistore24 Account (transaction fees vary, 7.9% and above)

Step 4: Get Page Builder (OptimizePress)

Nowadays marketers use page builders to create their marketing pages such as sales pages, landing pages, download pages, etc. which makes HTML grow obsolete.

I highly recommend OptimizePress. More than 90% of our pages are built on this WordPress plugin and theme (such as the one you're seeing now) and I've been using them since 2013!

Their support is great, the page builder is updated regularly to remain relevant with the times and bugs are minimal.

You can start with the most standard option if you're using this on only 1 website; consider the other options if you have more than one domain name.

Step 5: Sign Up For Autoresponder Account

Having a sales page up and running is cool, but it's not enough just having that. Often times, you're expected to collect email addresses first so you can build an opt-in mailing list. Which makes sense, because if you do paid traffic you want to make sure you maximize your follow-ups and conversions, and what better way than to do email marketing!

I've been using Aweber for years, and highly recommend them. It's as time tested as it can get. Plus as of the time of this writing, you can start with a FREE account with them instead of a trial!

However this limits your usage to 1 list, 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails per month.

You can start first and upgrade later ($20 a month, then incremental as you increase your list size). When your list grows, you're going to be making sales from your products and/or affiliate marketing anyway so the monthly cost will become negligible.

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The Site Setup Service Includes:

Connecting your domain name to your web host
Installing WordPress
Installing and configuring OptimizePress for you
Integrating autoresponder to your site: Aweber, GetResponse
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You have bought a domain name from NameCheap
You have bought hosting from KnownHost (through our link)
You have bought OptimizePress (through our link) 
You have signed up for an autoresponder (Aweber or GetResponse)
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1. We reserve the right to accept or decline Clients with incorrect and/or incomplete details. So be doubly sure this information is filled accurately.

2. Our service is strictly for setting up these specific tools. If you are using domain / hosting / page builder / autoresponder not in our recommendation, we will decline this site setup request.

3. We will never ask for login access to your Payment Processor accounts e.g. Stripe, PayPal. As such, please do not furnish these details.