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Former Office Boy Stuns Online Marketing Experts With Drop-Dead Simple Process

'Clone' My Success And Make 100% Sales From My Battle-Tested Funnels Starting Today!

Even If You Have No List, No Past Experience, And No Technical Skills...

You're on this page now because you've attended my webinar, signed up on my mailing list, or maybe someone told you about it...

And I have a few guesses about you.

You want to have a successful online business that pays the bills and funds the dreams...

But you're sick and tired of NOT seeing results.

You're fed up of methods that DON'T work.

And even if you've made money, you wish it was easier and more consistent.

If I guessed those things right about you, then I want to see how I can help you hit your income goals with a FAST TRACK option...

Which is the culmination of my several years of experience building businesses and funnels online

That I've fine tuned it down to a science

So instead of taking 20... 30... 100 steps...

All It Takes Now Is 3 Easy Steps!

My Name's Edmund Loh And Why I Do What I Do...

Here's a recent screenshot I took from one of my accounts:

That was made in the last 48 hours.

Not too shabby for less than 15 minutes of effort, don't you think?

(And no, that's not from a launch - it's just one of the regular days...)

What's important to you is that results like this are not only POSSIBLE...

It can be generated ON DEMAND. Meaning you can get this day in, day out CONSISTENTLY

And if you think that to be successful, you need to be a tech whiz, be exceptionally smart, have the right connections, have big capital, maybe be a public figure or 'influencer' with a large following... guess what?

I Was None Of The Above.

In fact, this is who I was...

This is the only photo of me from the year 2004.

My parents had divorced. I barely completed high school (not before dropping out twice on account of financial problems)

I got my first full-time job as an office boy earning a measly $200 a month.

I had to support my unemployed mother and still school-going younger sister.

Being just 18 years old, I knew nothing about business or how to deal with people outside my age.

Heck, I tried to start some 'side hustles' in my after work hours like direct selling, trading card games and teaching breakdancing or b-boying...


I know. Not exactly a glamorous origin backstory.

But It Is Exactly Because Of This, I Am Confident YOU - Or Anyone - Can Succeed Online!

Because what changed for me was the eventual discovery of Internet Marketing.

Note this was in the early 2000's.

As a regular dude from sunny side Malaysia, the idea of doing business online had yet to capture public imagination.

And when I started, there were close to 1 Billion Internet users worldwide (today that number has grown to more than 5 Billion!)

Going online was the most logical choice for me, as:

The startup cost is so much LOWER than a typical traditional business
Yet the profit margin and potential is LIMITLESS
All I needed was a computer or laptop to get started (no need to rent an office)
I can start by myself (no need to hire employees)
I didn't need any cert or special qualifications (good news to a college drop out 🙂

There are more reasons, but ultimately I was setting my sights on the BIG BUCKS.

It Wasn't Smooth Sailing At First...

At the time, the amount of experts were a lot fewer, far and in between. There was no YouTube to look up on. My guess was as good as everyone else's.

My savings after quitting my job in a hurry was running out fast.

Yet everyday, I saw nothing but ZERO sales.

And to be frank, I thought of giving up. So many times.

I had a lot of reasons not to succeed, really.

Maybe I was 'too young'. I didn't know anyone else personally doing it so I had no mentor.

My family wasn't supportive and felt I should have stayed with my job. Even my 'friends' distanced themselves from me because they thought I was a nut job for doing this...

All That Changed When I Made My First Online Sale!

My first ever purchase came from a customer in South Africa. So when the email notification hit my Inbox that random night, I was in a state of disbelief.

I woke my mother up and showed her this email; I needed assurance if it was REAL or I was seeing things.

One thing is for sure, it made me super motivated!

What started out seemingly hopeless with zeroes peppered across my dashboard, I continued my pursuit of online wealth

First aiming for $50 days...

Gradually $100 a day...

Then $200 a day...

$300 a day...

$500 a day...

$1,000 days... and more...

Monthly Turned To Weekly Turned To Daily Income...

Fast Forward Today...

Having a profitable online business has blessed me with things like

I've tried other types of business since then, and take it from me, NONE of them comes close to giving all the perks and advantages of an online business.

Now I'm showing you all these not to flex, but I know how important proof is to you.

More than that, I truly believe that if someone like me - with all the disadvantages and drawbacks - can do it... I am confident you can too!

The 3 Secrets To $300 To $500 Paydays...

If I were to sum up what I've been doing to get these results day in, day out for the last several years and counting, it's...

Internet Sales Machine

You might have heard of 'funnels'. I see it as having your own private Internet Sales Machine, and it's called so because well, it generates income for you around the clock.

To put it in layman terms, the Internet Sales Machine consists of a string of strategically placed offers to attract buyers.

You start with a main product that we call the "Front End" offer.

When your Customer purchases it, next he or she sees your One-Time Offer. And the cool thing is, you can make a few One-Time Offers (I find 3 max to work the best)

Some people buy some of them. Some others... ALL of them!

And this works because at this point, they are in a state of 'buying trance' where both their minds and their wallets are OPEN. It's kind of like, when you go shopping for that 1 item, and you come back home with more than that (how many times has this happened to you?

So for example: I have a funnel that has products priced from $9 then $47 then $77 and $97 and $197... that's a total of $330. (this is a REAL funnel by the way, and it's still active...)

In other words, 1 click can be worth $330!

And if you thought that was already exciting, it doesn't stop there.

You can virtually skyrocket your Average Order Value (AOV) by introducing what I call the High Ticket Back-End to your new Customers, typically a few days later.

A High Ticket Back-End (HTBE) refers to a premium product or service that you can charge higher for i.e. $500 to $2,000 (and often times, even higher than that!)

Granted fewer people will snap this up, but hey you need only a handful of these High Ticket sales to instantly add more income to your bottom-line.

Do you see how having a well-oiled Internet Sales Machine can help you achieve your income targets much easier?

So if you're not hitting your desired income goals just yet, you're actually just 1 Internet Sales Machine away!

Quick Massive Traffic

Having an Internet Sales Machine is cool, and the next thing you will need is a pipeline to reliably send you targeted Customers day in, day out.

This is one of the biggest challenges business owners face. Fortunately, it is also one of the most solvable ones as nowadays your would-be Customers can be found in 1 place... online!

It makes little sense to use traditional advertising that no longer works... when you can just go to where all your customers are congregating.

While there are various methods to reach out to your target customers, I am going to keep it simple by sharing 3 main ways you can do so...

Build: this is traffic you already own i.e. your social media profiles, blogs, etc. you can start with your existing network (no matter how big or small) and it's also the safest way to test your marketing messages with zero risk.

Buy: if you want to start reaching out to people that haven't heard of you before, then naturally you'd start looking into paid ads. The cool thing about online advertising is that unlike traditional advertising, you can start with nominal budget i.e. $5 to $10 a day to test things out. Something you can't possibly do with newspaper ads, billboard ads, TV ads, etc.

Borrow: what happens if you don't have a list and you're not ready for paid advertising? You can still leverage on other experts and market leaders! They have their own following, list, FB groups, etc. that you can joint venture with. For many years, I've leveraged on this method alone to bank in 5 figures and 6 figures from every product I put out there - and this was before the era of social media. Still works to this day.

Each of these methods have their pros and cons. Personally, I use a combination of all of them for best results and I encourage you to do the same.

Everyday Income With Email

This is practically writing your own check everyday and what makes daily income generation so humanly doable.

A lot of businesses today are swayed by 'vanity marketing' i.e. growing likes and followers on their social media platform.

On the other hand, the smart ones are focused on growing their email list.

Why? Because the money is truly in the list! To this day, email remains the number one sales channel on the Internet.

And the cool thing is: all you need to do is write an email (which takes like, what? A few minutes? 15 minutes tops?)

Then click the send button or schedule it - and boom, just like that everyone in your database gets your email in an instant.

This is how Internet marketers you know generate income on demand - which is everyday!

There Are 2 Ways To Do This...

The first way is the HARD way.

Sure, you can get to work and implement the secrets I've just shared


One of the main reasons why most people FAIL is because often times, it takes TOO LONG to build a funnel!

You have to research the market (goof this up and you end up creating a product NOBODY wants)

You have to create the product (either you spend weeks doing this or pay thousands to someone else)

You have to write sales copy (if it sucks, it won't convert)

You have to design the graphics (or again, pay someone else to do it)

You have to set up the website and system (technical skills and MORE time required)

All these BEFORE you even get into the playing field let alone see your first dollar.

So what happens is, most people are preparing to get ready to get ready!

That's Why I Created This FASTER, EASIER Solution.

As someone who had been through the whole nine yards, I know the sheer frustration of having to learn, fail and relearn each and every step.

It's kinda like crawling through broken glass before seeing any ounce of success (and I can tell you, it was no fun at all...)

Now here's the thing...

If you think hard work is all you need to make it online, then you cannot be any further from the truth.

Because the guys that are getting ahead today are getting ahead NOT by working harder...

But working SMARTER

Look, you're not going to make money from setting up your website. Or creating the product.

You make money when people pay you! Period.

So doesn't it make sense to cut the chase as quickly as possible?

If you say yes, then I want to help you achieve your income goals faster through my...

Limitless Partnership Program

Over the years, I had built dozens of funnels that are battle-tested, cranking in cash, many made the bestsellers in the marketplace, and updated to this day.

Now instead of taking years to make your own products, funnels, and the whole lengthy process...

You get to earn 100% profits from everything in our funnels - starting today!

I'll also coach you to success so you can make money like me.

First, Who This Is NOT For?

Anyone that is already making $20,000 a month and above
Anyone that is an expert with technical stuff, coding and site building
Anyone that have their own funnels and products
Anyone that have a lot of capital to burn on testing and trying

That Said, This Is For You If...

You are not a tech whiz
You want to skip all the hassles of setting up and getting started
You are cool with setting aside just 15 to 30 minutes a day
You want to make money starting today (not weeks or months later)

What You Get In The Limitless Partnership Program...

#1: 100% Reseller Rights

That's right. I want you to 'use' and leverage my products and sales funnels... and you take 100% of the sales you make!

I have created several products that are priced anywhere from an affordable $7 all the way up to $197 in the funnels... and you keep every sale.


I've removed all the complicated steps...

No product to create

No funnel to create

No copywriting

No graphics

No research

No email writing

So you focus on just 3 easy steps...

#2: Done For You Setup

Everything has been done for you so you don't have to!

From the moment you join, there's just a few simple steps to follow and you can start cranking cash.

There's no need for domain and hosting even.

We will have your Reseller Account and custom Landing Page set up for you, making the above mentioned unnecessary

(unless you want to exercise some control, we got the ADVANCED option covered in the Program for some of you)

I don't want you to waste time with the tech stuff or learning any 3- or 4-letter acronyms because that's not where the money is made.

In short... we've taken away all the difficult tasks of setting up from you.

#3: UNLIMITED Support & Updates

One of the less spoken about problems with digital products is getting outdated after some time.

You wouldn't want to promote or sell something that's questionable if it was last updated 6... 12... maybe 24 months ago right?

That's why my team and I update our sales pages and products from time to time, and we prove it continues to sell through our own marketing.

This way, you can feel fully confident promoting something that's not only of high quality but also relevant and fresh.

We also handle any of your customer queries so you don't have to!

#4: Traffic Mastery Program

Next I want to address the elephant in the room, and that is:

"Ok Cool, But How Do I Find Customers? I've Not Done This Before..."

I mean, what's the point of having a full-blown, done for you system if you don't know the first thing about getting buyers online, right?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

This is why I'm also giving you access to my Traffic Mastery Program.

Discover my personal methods to get TARGETED traffic to the offer - or ANY offer for that matter.

I dive deep in the 3 traffic methods I shared earlier - Build, Buy, Borrow - that you can choose from and implement.

And if you can follow instructions, this will work for you.

(oh, and I update them too from the time to time... so don't worry about whether the methods will grow obsolete, it is my commitment to you that you weaponize traffic-getting methods that stand the test of time and continue to work for you)

#5: FB Group Community

You are also invited to join my closed door community focused on Lead Generation, Marketing And Funnels.

This is a tribe I had created for my customers and clients and since then grew to nearly 2,000 members (as of this time of writing) This is where I share my marketing insights, tactics and strategies on a weekly basis.

#6: Coaching Support

The program won't be complete without my coaching support for all our Exclusive Reseller members.

I also feel it's important to mention I have a 120 day game plan for you to follow to make money.

You have a direct email hot line to me and my team if you have any questions or need some hand holding guidance.

I take personal pride in answering all my emails within 24 to 48 hours – often times faster – but do understand that depending on the quality of your question, I might take a while to review (just want to manage your expectations)

That said, Limitless Partnership members get first priority so help is just one email away!

What Matters Is, You Can Be In Business For Yourself, But You Don't Have To Do This By Yourself!

To Recap, Here's Everything You're Getting...

100% Reseller Rights to my battle-tested products and funnels ($9,997 Value)
Done-For-You Setup so you can start today and not weeks or months later ($2,997 Value)
UNLIMITED Support & Updates so you don’t have to worry about at all ($1,997/Year Value)
Traffic Mastery Program so you can become a formidable online marketing force ($1,997 Value)
FB Group Community ($497 Value)
My Coaching Support so you get all the help you need just 1 email away! ($1,997 Value)

Total Value: $19,482

Now obviously I'm not going to charge you that, and I think you want to see a better deal.

But lets say I do...

You get started today with a proven set of funnels and products you can earn 100% profits from

You get to generate online income day in, day out without having to do your own setup whatsoever

You get coached and 'forced' to make money

Will That Be Worth It? (Of Course It Is!)

And to manage expectations a bit, let's just say all this did was to help you...

Quit a dead-end job

Or leave behind a dying business

Pay off your bills, outstanding loans and debts

Save up for the next 3, 6 or 12 months...

Will it still be worth it? (Heck yeah!)

That's why my VIP clients pay me 5 figures to work with them personally.

Because to them it's not a cost; it's an investment.


Because You're Here Today, I Want To Do Something *Special*

The original fee I had in mind was $4,997.

Which would would have been a darned good deal anyway.

But I understand that for some people, they might feel this is still a bit out of reach.

And as someone who used to have nothing to his name, I remember how this would have felt like investing a million bucks.

So here's what I can do to bend over backward and help you out...

I Am Giving You A Massive Scholarship Discount!

That's right.

I am giving you -$3,000 off to the Limitless Partnership Program.

So instead of paying the full price, you can join in today for just

Regular Price $4,997

Today Only $1,997

Now I need you to understand something...

This is the culmination of years of discovering what works and fine tuning this whole thing down to a science...

The most expensive thing you can do today is try to do everything and figure it out by yourself.

I know, because that was what I did when I started.

That's why when I designed the Limitless Partnership Program, it was something I wish I had back then.

It would have saved a ton of frustration, and make money much, much earlier.

Now I get to help you cut that chase and pass the torch to you.

I do this with full conviction because it works not only for me, but also for others like...

And I would love to see your testimonial here soon! So here's what I'm going to do for you...

120 Day Ironclad Confidence Guarantee

I am committed to help you succeed, so when you join the Limitless Partnership Program, I have a game plan for you to follow for the next 120 days.

That's right. You get everything I've shared about on this page, plus a blueprint for you to act on this program.

You only need to set aside 30 minutes a day (so don't worry about your busy schedule getting in the way)

And they're all doable (I will never ask you to do anything weird or unethical)

So if this doesn't pan out for you even after following the steps in this program after 120 days, let our team know, show it to us, and we'll process your refund.

As you can see, I'm staking my reputation on this because I have full conviction. And you have nothing to lose. You only need to give yourself a chance to try.

And to up the ante further...

Act Now And Claim These Fast Action Bonuses!

Limitless Bonus 1: High Ticket Commissions ($5,000 Value) - first 10 people

In the back-end of my funnels, I have courses, licensing deals and done for you services priced anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

The affiliate program to these high ticket offers are NOT open to the public.

But exclusive for Limitless Partnership members, you get to also earn 50% from the back-end sales when your customers buy them!

Limitless Bonus 2: 1-To-1 Strategy Consult With Edmund ($1,000 Value) - first 5 people

The personal strategy session is usually reserved only for my VIP clients that seek one-to-one coaching with me.

But special for Limitless Partnership members, you can schedule an online 60-minute Zoom call with me and in this call, I help you seek clarity, remove business roadblocks, and how to get the most out of this program.

Limitless Bonus 3: I Send You Sales For 2 Weeks Via Link Rotator ($5,000 Value) - first 3 people

In an effort to help you see sales as quickly as possible, I am willing to go the extra mile by doing something I've never done before... up until now, that is.

As you know, I send emails to my list and that's how I generate sales.

For the next 2 weeks, you also get in on the action through a link rotator.

The link rotator works in such that it rotates between my link and YOUR link - so you get to scoop some of the sales!

This is also why I have to put a strict limit on this Bonus - and if you see the value in this, then you know why you need to act now!

As you can see, I am doing everything I can in my power to help you succeed!

But here's what I CAN'T promise...

1. That the massive scholarship discount will be here forever, and

2. That the fast action bonuses are open ended

So click the button below to get INSTANT access RIGHT NOW to Limitless Partnership Program...

Current In-Take Is CLOSED

Check Back Next Time Or Stay On Our Mailing List

Yes, Edmund! I Want To Join The Limitless Partnership Program!

I understand I Will Be Getting Instant Access To:

100% Reseller Rights ($9,997 Value)
Done-For-You Setup ($2,997 Value)
UNLIMITED Support & Updates ($1,997/Year Value)
Traffic Mastery Program ($1,997 Value)
FB Group Community ($497 Value)
Coaching Support ($1,997 Value)

+PLUS If I Am One Of The Next 10 Fast Action Takers (if full payment), I Also Get...

Bonus 1: High Ticket Commissions Program ($5,000 Value) - first 10 people
Bonus 2: 1-To-1 Strategy Consult With Edmund ($1,000 Value) - first 5 people
Bonus 3: Send You Sales For 2 Weeks Via Link Rotator ($5,000 Value) - first 3 people only

Total Value $30,482

Your Investment $4,997

Choose Your Payment Option:


120 Day Confidence Guarantee

Safe & Secure Checkout

Full Purchase Support


Refer to for latest exchange rates. Email receipt to with subject "LPP".


Bank: Public Bank Berhad

Account No: 3234416818

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Bank: DBS Bank

Account No: 0196065305

Account Name: Edmund Loh Aik Mun

I look forward to helping you hit your income goals and see you inside!

P.S. All In All...

This isn't about me. It's about YOU.

I've been doing this business since 2005 and will continue for a long time to come. So whether you join Limitless Partnership or not won't change my reality. But it can change YOUR life.

Weeks or months from now, you can sit in front of the computer or browse your phone exactly where you are now... or be crushing it - growing your income, business, and living life on your terms.

Remember, you are just 1 decision away. 1 click away.

P.P.S. More Praises & Testimonials...


Q: I am a beginner or newbie. Is this for me?

A: Yes, absolutely! The Limitless Partnership Program is designed with the assumption that you're new and don't have any previous experience. The goal of this program is that you can bypass all the hassles of starting up so you can make money online a.s.a.p.

Q: I already have some online business experience. Is this still for me?

A: Yes, still is! If you're seasoned then you'll recognize the opportunity. You get to bypass all the tedious work of creating your own products, setting up your own funnels and testing them. Instead, you can get started right away and earn 100% throughout my already proven funnels and even get a generous cut on the back-end sales!

Q: Do I need to learn any technical stuff, coding or page building?

A: Not at all. Our products and websites are already there so you don't have to meddle with these at all.

Q: Do I need to have my own website i.e. domain and hosting?

A: Not necessary.

Q: But what if I want to host my own?

A: We make that option available to you so you can host your own landing page and email series.

Q: Do I need to have my own autoresponder?

A: Yes, to collect email address and build your database. I'll show you how to do this in the program, and you can start with a free account.

Q: How often do you update your products and sales letters?

A: Every few months on average. We keep tabs on development like mobile responsiveness and product relevance, and also sell them ourselves. So you can feel confident in our reseller program.

Q: How do I collect payments? Must I have a PayPal account for this?

A: We use Digistore24 for all our products and funnels, and JVZoo for our high ticket back-end. Opening an account with them is free. Through these platforms, we can pay you up to 100%, and you also have a variety of options to get paid such as via PayPal, Payoneer or wire to your bank account.

Q: I don't have any contacts or list. How do I build it?

A: We got you covered! In the Limitless Partnership Program, you get access to my Traffic Mastery course and the cool thing is, you don't have to build a big list to start seeing results. A lot of my students and users have generated sales with small tiny lists, and we believe in celebrating small wins as we grow our business.

Q: If I need any help, can I contact you or your team?

A: Yes, reach out to us!

Q: What can I expect after signing up?

A: After signing up, you will be taken to a page to create your account with us. Create your username and password to log into the members area.

You will also get a welcome email from me (be sure to whitelist anything from "Limitless Partnership" so it doesn't get sent to the spam folder) and subsequently over the next several weeks (as said, I have a game plan for you to follow these 120 days)

So yes, access is instant and we get started right away!

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