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Up until now, everything you've read or bought from me follow a deliberately design script I use for dozens of funnels and hundreds of products...

This is the result of 'eating, sleeping and breathing' online marketing for years.

But let's be real for a moment: who actually wants to spend years... when surely you want to make to start making money NOW, right?

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Introducing My Personal Library Of Ultimate Scripts

Ultimate Scripts is named so because this is the culmination of my online business career that has generated millions of dollars in sales not only for me, but also for my Clients and Customers...

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You want to fast track your way to get more leads and sales
You want to save precious time, effort and energy writing your own sales copy and marketing messages
You want to save a ton of money from hiring expensive copywriters and costly experiments
You want to leverage on a proven, tried and tested set of scripts from beginning to end of your Customer sales journey
You want to maximize your conversions in your follow-up process
You want to make more money and faster, of course 🙂

I Can Keep Talking About It... Why Don't I Just Show You What You're Getting:

Free Offer Opt-In Script ($500 value)

The pages used to get up to 50% opt-ins for our lead give away (PDF book, template, etc.)

Webinar Opt-In Script ($1,000 value)

The content and pages used to register attendees for our live and evergreen webinars.

Order Bump Script ($500 value)

This simple prompt has 'bumped' our front-end sales by 10% to 20%, just like that!

Upsell OTO Script ($1,000 value)

Get my tried and tested flow for Upsells and One-Time Offers - you can use this in sales video and written copy.

Downsell DS Script ($500 value)

I've practically duplicated this formula for all my Downsell offers to save an additional 10% to 20% sales!

Book A Call Script ($1,000 value)

Invitation to get interested prospects to schedule online appointment for your coaching or services.

Client Enrolling Script ($1,000 value)

4 step process to filter and qualify your Clients. A must have for high ticket closers.

FB Ad Templates ($1,000 value)

Result of six-figure ad spend in various markets (digital, live events, e-commerce, and more...)

YouTube Ad Script ($1,000 value)

The formula and actual word-for-word scripts used in our video ads on YouTube!

Webinar To Sell Script ($2,500 value)

The elaborate slide-by-slide presentation I use to sell my $497 offer - I'm even including the Powerpoint doc!

Webinar To Appt Script ($2,500 value)

Slide-by-slide presentation I use to get applications for my coaching & done-for-you service - I'm even including the Powerpoint doc!

High Ticket Packages Script ($2,500 value)

FIRST TIME EVER! I'm releasing my word-for-word script that sells my High Ticket packages from $2,500 to $10,000!

Email Sequence Script ($1,000 value)

A result of 5,000+ written promo emails, I condense everything into this 50+ page swipe file.

Joint Venture Invite Script ($500 value)

My personal lines for cold outreach to potential affiliates and JV partners for my launches.

WhatsApp Follow-Up Script ($400 value)

How I bump up sales and show-ups using these WhatsApp messages.

Native Headline Formula ($500 value)

Make your own combination of powerful headlines for email and sales copy with this!

But WAIT - There's More!

When You Get Ultimate Scripts Package, I'm Also Including These Wealth-Building Bonuses:

BONUS #1: 15 VSL Templates ($1,000 value)

VSL Templates Pro is a collection of 15 professionally designed Powerpoint Themes, created with one goal in mind: letting YOU create high converting sales videos on the fly... and in minutes!

These templates are versatile enough to be used for just about anything. As long as you have something to sell, you can use these templates.

BONUS #2: 15 Webinar Templates Pro ($1,000 value)

Set Of 15 High Quality, Fill-In-The-Blanks Webinar Templates. There is no 'formula' to learn. There is no design to do from scratch. All you need to do is simply go through each slide, fill in the blanks as prompted... and you've churned out your webinar!

BONUS #3: 30 Video Ad Templates PRO ($500 value)

Video Ad Templates is a collection of templates you - or anyone - can use to create video ads in just minutes. With 30 different Themes to choose from, all you need to do is just pick any one of them, edit the captions, insert the images, and render video!

This might come as a surprise, but you only need Powerpoint to use these Templates!

The variety of Theme designs lets you come up with video ads for just about anything - from marketing E-Commerce products to selling your own service or offline business offer...

BONUS #4: Conversion Color Schemes ($100 value)

Easy palette swipe guide on tried and tested colors with color code you can use on your website and even graphics covers.

Total Overall Value: $20,000+!

That's how much a top gun copywriter would charge to create even just a fraction of what you're getting in Ultimate Scripts - and that's for just one project.

And business owners would gladly pay because to them this is not a cost; this is an INVESTMENT.

The Good News Is: I Don't Plan To Charge Anything Exorbitant Today.

That's right.

You're not going to pay anywhere near that (although I think it's worth every dollar and cent...)

It's not going to be $5,000.

It's not going to be $1,000 either.

As said earlier, I want to help you shortcut your offer creation and message building in the fastest time possible. I want to make it QUICKER and EASIER for you to succeed, so...

You Can Get The Entire Ultimate Scripts Package And All The Bonuses You See On This Page For

Just $97

Cool, right?

If you're selling a $100 product, just 1 sale covers this.

And if you have high ticket offers like $500... $1,000... $2,000... wow, this will pay itself many times over!

I know because these are the same marketing and sales materials I use to sell my products and programs day-in, day-out for several years and counting.

I'll even stake my reputation on my

"60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back"

The deal is simple. If my scripts don't...

Help you shortcut your copywriting
Increase your conversions on ads, landing page and sales page
Save you time and effort than if you were to DIY from scratch
Help you hit your income goals faster

Then just contact our helpdesk, let us know and you'll get a full refund on your purchase. You can keep the bonuses as a token of trying.

Yep, I am shouldering all the risk for you so you don't have to. You have a full month to check this out and put to use. So act now and get your instant access...

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Free Offer Opt-In Script ($500 value)
Webinar Opt-In Script ($1,000 value)
Order Bump Script ($500 value)
OTO Script ($1,000 value)
DS Script ($500 value)
Book A Call Script ($1,000 value)
Client Enrolling Script ($1,000 value)
FB Ad Templates ($1,000 value)
YT Ad Video Script ($1,000 value)
Webinar To Sell Script ($2,500 value)
Webinar To Appointment Script ($2,500 value)
High Ticket Packages Script ($2,500 value)
Email Marketing Sequence Script ($1,000 value)
JV Invite Script ($500 value)
WhatsApp Follow-Up Script ($400 value)
Native Headline Formula ($500 value)
BONUS #1: VSL Templates Pro ($1,000 value)
BONUS #2: Webinar Templates Pro ($1,000 value)
BONUS #3: Video Ad Templates Pro ($500 value)
BONUS #4: Conversion Color Schemes ($100 value)

Total Overall Value $20,000+

Get Everything For $997 Today Only

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P.S. The biggest expense is the money you are not making.

If you want to shortcut your offer creation, writing of sales copy and marketing messages, and avoid costly guesswork then getting my Ultimate Scripts package will prove to be one of the smartest decisions you can make.

You get instant access to all the scripts and templates I've been using for dozens of funnels and hundreds of products - that I still use TODAY - so you can repurpose for your own.

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