An Open Letter To All Business Owners And Marketers...

"How We Bring In 1,000 - 2,000 New Customers Every Month Using Facebook & YouTube Ads!"

- Eric Holmlund, Internet Marketer Since 1999

- David Cavanagh, Renowned Internet Business Trainer

- Henry Gold, Limitless Nation & New York Time's #1 Bestseller

It's Your Turn To Get More Customers Using Facebook & YouTube Ads...

What You'll Discover:

How to set up your Pixel and tracking from both Facebook and Google on your website in the next 15 to 45 minutes
List of Audiences to create on both Facebook and Google right off the bat
Column Breakdown setup in your Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads dashboard i.e. view only the important metrics that matter
Best practice to warm up your FB Business Manager, Ad Account and FB Page - don't go straight to Conversions campaign because that's a kamikaze move to get your account banned fast in 2022 and I show how to avoid that
How to test your ads safely for just $5 to $10 a day before you scale
Winning ad copy formula, headline and description for your Facebook Ads
Tried and tested video ad formula for YouTube - a lot of FB advertisers make the mistake that if their video ad is converting on FB then it must also convert on YT, that is not true and I show the difference...
Best video ad length, dimension, thumbnail and how to structure your call-to-action (not a lazy 'click below this video' that almost everyone else is doing)
How to crank out video ads fast with just your smartphone - no expensive cameras and gadgets required
Ideal lookalike audience creation for Facebook Ads
How to create similar lookalike audience for YouTube Ads without using email list (this feature is enabled only for accounts that spend $50K and above, but I show another easy way)
Simple, effortless, dirt cheap retargeting that can get 4X to 30X Return On Ad Spend and cost per lead reduced by 50% to 75% even
Angles and opener ideas for your ads
Words to avoid using in ad copy
My Ad Set setup and targeting on Facebook Ads
At least 4 different ways to do targeting for YouTube Ads
How many ads to test at a time
When and how long to optimize your ads i.e. when to keep the winners and ditch the losers
Where to get more credit and/or debit cards for your ad accounts as you scale
Why using just one traffic source is not enough (in fact risky) in 2022 and beyond and my combined assault with 2 of the top traffic platforms in the world
And more... you will discover how to do all these even if you're new or had yet to see success with paid ads (that's exactly what we're going to change)

As A Result You're Going To Be Able To...

Generate Steady Stream Of Qualified Leads
Acquire New Customers Consistently
Convert Them To High Paying Clients
Build Your Branding And Positioning On Automation
Become Market Leader In Your Niche
Achieve All These Without Relying On Dying Traditional Advertising, Unpredictable Referrals And 'Hope' Marketing

Our Clients & Students Are Getting Results For Their Business Using The Same Strategy, Like...

Who This Works For...

Info Product Sellers
Online Course Creators
E-Commerce Vendors
Software And App Developers
Digital Marketers
Webinar Speakers
Seminar Speakers
Coaches And Trainers
Affiliates, Agents And Resellers
F & B Operators
Service Providers
Property Sellers
Network Marketers And Direct Sellers
And more... If your target customers or clients are on Facebook™ and YouTube™, then this will work for you.

Get More Customers Starting Today.

The biggest expense is the money you're not making. To that end, serious entrepreneurs invest 4... 5... 6 figures and above to hone this skill. And I speak from personal experience.

That said, I would like to help you by making this more affordable and available. So instead of the exorbitant price tag to workshops you're probably used to seeing, you can get instant access to my PDF and Audiobook for just $197 $9.97.

That's right. You get insider knowledge and elaborate strategy on how my students and I use Facebook and YouTube Ads to get new customers and clients to our respective businesses. All these at a very nominal fee that will help me maintain this website.

Why Am I Doing This? 3 Reasons...

1. I want to wow you with my stuff, and I know if you're impressed then you'll also like what else I have in store for you.

2. When I launch new products, courses and programs in the near future, I'd like to consider you as a promotion partner (it's optional and we'll cross that bridge later...)

3. I used to run live events and physical workshops to teach digital marketing and charge thousands of dollars per pax. Behind the scenes, most of these fees go to venue rental, logistics, crew, etc. so I decided to make my content DIGITAL. You don't have to fly out and without the high overheads, I can pass the savings back to you.

Act Now And Get These Bonuses At No Extra Cost...

Note these Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.

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My 30 Day Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's simple. Get my PDF and Audiobook today and you can go through it in the next few minutes. I have full conviction you will discover not only new gems, this is going to change the way you acquire new customers and clients.

And if this doesn't meet your expectations, contact my helpdesk and we'll refund your purchase and you can still keep all the downloads.

Some people might think I'm a little crazy for doing this and that's okay. With a lot of hype and half-truths out there nowadays, I understand people can be skeptical (and a bit of it is healthy)

So I decided in a show of value upfront, I am ready to shoulder ALL the risk for you so you don't have to. You have absolutely nothing to lose, just give it a go!

This Is Not An Open-Ended Offer.

Given its value is worth many tons more than what I am asking for, I don't plan to keep this book at such a low fee forever. I think you can understand why.

So get your copy now before the price increases or I remove this altogether.

Yes, Edmund! Give Me Instant Access To "Get More Customers" PDF And Audiobook Now!

I understand I will be getting the following:

Get More Customers PDF Book
Audiobook version included
All Bonuses listed on this page (while available)
100% Buyer Protection for the next 30 days

-- Edmund Loh,
Internet Marketer Since 2005

P.S. Who Am I And Why Listen To A Word I Say?

If you haven't heard of me before then you'd probably want to know if what I say matters and most importantly, I am the right person to help you. So... story time!

I'm from sunny side Malaysia, and I first started my online business in March 2005 (yes, that's like half a lifetime ago...)

Thanks to that, I got to quit my office job, I did the work-from-anywhere lifestyle long before it was cool and for many years, I grew my business online mainly through referral marketing a.k.a. Joint Ventures.

It was great BUT... it had some problems:

My monthly sales target were at the mercy of other marketers. Alliances get forged and broken, I got involved in petty politics (even when I didn't want to) until one day I got fed up and looked for a new way to be in more control.

So I re-invented my marketing methods using Facebook Ads and eventually YouTube Ads.

Because of that, I relied less on Joint Ventures and launches and I am able to continuously sell my products and services with or without them.

Unexpectedly, the same skill opened new doors for me to run ads for local businesses outside my usual niche and even clients from other countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, US, Canada, and more.

I also ran my live seminar circuit to train hundreds of business owners, marketers and agents in paid advertising (and in walking the talk, I use the same skill to sit butts at my events)

So that's my origin story 101, and by now you know why I do this with 100% conviction. You can learn more about me here, here and here.

The good news is: this skill is not only very learnable, it's also highly rewarding and if it can change my business and life for me, I know it can for you too.

Hope this helps and get your access now.

P.P.S. ... What? Still Here?

Not sure if you just scrolled all the way down here so here's the skinny...

What do businesses of all sizes need? More customers, right?

Unfortunately, most business owners and marketers rely on outdated methods, traditional advertising and irregular referrals. I know because I used to be one of them.

There is an easier and better way, and I found that in Facebook and YouTube Ads.

It makes sense to tap into two of the most popular platforms on the Internet and the cool thing is you can get started with a small budget before scaling. And once you do, you won't look back to your old ways ever again.

I share my strategy and structure on how to leverage and maximize these online advertising giants to your advantage, and for a limited time you can get my PDF and Audiobook for $297 only $9.97.

So act now because if not this, then what? If not you, then who? And if not now, then when?

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