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6 Figure Agency Secrets Video Training

Covered exclusively in my digital marketing live events - up until now, that is - my course shows how anyone can start their own 1-person social media marketing agency and get his or her first Clients!

You Will Discover:

How to start your own social media marketing agency in the next 24 to 48 hours without an office, staff and high overheads
How to price your packages attractively and premium
Where to find your first Clients even if you are brand new and no one's heard of you (in fact, I share 3 main vehicles to do this)
How to quickly and easily build trust and win over jaded Clients
And scale to a profitable six figure per year agency business

Fill-In-The-Blank Templates, Swipes Files, And Ready-Made Documents

That's right. I'm also giving you access to the same documents I use for my digital marketing agency. I had removed my company particulars so you can insert yours, edit, change, and use for your own.

Social Media Audit

We use this social media audit document when consulting Prospective Business Owners.

Marketing Contract

Send to Clients that are about to sign up with you. You can edit the prices, packaging details, etc.

Client Questionnaire

This is the Word doc we send to new Clients after they've signed up. It's a convenient way for you to fact find and get all the details and logins you need to get started with your new Client.

Social Media Post

This is a text version of my Facebook Post when I announced my social media marketing service. Feel free to edit and change it to your own tone and style of promotion.

In all, this is a great time and effort saver PLUS you also save thousands of dollars in legal fees. Only thing I ask is that you don't use any of my business information (why would you anyway? 🙂

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