With all the product creation done and affiliate program ready to go, comes what many will dread doing: finding Joint Venture Partners!

If you see the nature of Internet Marketing, it’s easy to understand why most people dread dealing with other people. The Internet Marketing arena attracts usually introverted people. While some don’t have a problem and seem to be on the baller, the rest… well, not quite. Which explains why most online marketers prefer to deal with the technical details and work that has little or nothing to do with dealing with other people.

Even though I have been doing product launches for years and talking to JVs and potential JVs is a big part of my task, will it surprise you that not only I still face rejections today, I also have some of that fear going on?

At the bottom-line, people hate rejection. Even when sitting behind the computer.

But you need to realize that potential JVs saying ‘no’ is part of the JV game. Not everyone will find your offer suitable. Not everyone can commit to the launch date you’ve set for. And sometimes, some people just won’t like you. It’s part and parcel of business.

That said, the JV game is really a numbers game. Here is the basic plan on how to seek potential JV Partners for your product or upcoming launch:

1. Post your upcoming launch on MunchEye.com.

This gets the ball rolling for starters. Posting is FREE and gives you the first ‘warm up’ to announce your upcoming launch to the online marketing community of affiliates. But hey, this is just the ‘warming up’…

2. Post your upcoming launch to FB Groups.

Right after, you can make the same announcement on Facebook groups dedicated to upcoming product launches. Most of these groups are Public or Closed, so be sure to join many to maximize getting exposure and the word out to potential affiliates. Here are some FB Groups you can join:

There are many more Groups – these are the active ones I see right now, although you can easily search for related groups from here on or search in the Facebook search graph (at the top of your FB profile).

Like the MunchEye posting, it’s FREE and easy. You can accomplish Step 1 and 2 in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. However these are just the ‘awareness building’ campaigns. The real results on getting potential JVs is in the next step…

3. Email and FB message.

Yep, no avoiding it. This is still the way to go. Message potential JVs about your upcoming launch. From the above mentioned links and places, you already know where potential JVs hang out and if you do your own research, you get to see who they hang out with most of the time, what kind of offers they endorse, and you also get a good idea what kind of sales they are capable of bringing in.

Here’s the thing: don’t randomly invite just about any JV or ‘big name’ you come across. That’s what I call the ‘cast the huge net’ method. Not only are you going to get more no’s you might ruin some potential JV partnership in the near future.

Keep it targeted. If your offer is Private Label Rights, look for the marketers who are selling or promoting PLR products. Your offer is about graphics? Look up the Graphics marketers. Software? Same deal. Videos? Same deal.

4. Arrange for Skype calls.

Nowadays you can’t really just do away with an email piece or FB message and expect to forge long term working relationships. Chances are your potential JV will treat your JV request as just another one of those ‘boring JV’ emails. So you need to implement the pattern interrupt and demonstrate that you’re unlike those guys who send generic JV invites – keep your intro email short, and ask to come on Skype so you can tell him or her more about your JV invitation and why this will be great for him or her.

If that is not feasible then you can consider going by email and explain your JV offer… however remember it’s got to be unique.

5. Rewards for your JVs.

“Making A Ton Of Commissions” is a ‘duh’ thing and your potential JVs are spoiled for choices. Even giving 100% commissions is not unique anymore so you need to find other ways to make your JV offer stand out and focus on rewarding your JVs more.

Higher cash prizes will attract higher calibre JVs. Offer him a spot in your download page to contribute his bonus. If you can, promote his product first to capture his attention and increase the chance of reciprocation – better still if you top the leaderboard. It’s all about standing out.

6. Step Up Your JV Game – Join Networking Events and Form Masterminds

When you see the Internet Marketing circle – or any niche – for what they are, the leaders and experts usually form their own tribe or mastermind. Do what you can to join a powerful mastermind or in the event there’s none, form your own with whoever you’re already working with. I am part of many masterminds and inner circles in different niches and areas and I owe the success of my launches to these powerful partnerships and masterminds.

I hope this helps up your game with JVs! Just as important, here is also a list of what NOT to do when approaching potential JV Partners.