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"How Would You Like To Get The Exclusive Licensing Rights To A Proven Sales Funnel Complete With Front-End Product, Upsells, Back-End Offer..."

... And Wouldn't It Just Be EASIER, Faster & More Convenient (Even Profitable) If Everything Is Done For You?

Finally Have Your Own Sales Generating, List-Building, Traffic-Getting System Set Up & Personalized Starting Today...

...Without Going Through The Hassles Of Doing It Yourself!

What This Powerful Installation Includes...

High Converting, Mass Appeal Giveaway Report to build your opt-in list!
Irresistible Front-End Offer to turn prospects into buyers!
3-Level, Highly Congruent Upsell and 1 Downsell offers to deepen your Sales Funnel - earn up to $311 Per Customer!
Power Back-end Webinar that leads to Limitless Partnership Program - earn whopping $498.50 commissions here!
14 Indoctrination Email Sequence for your Prospects and Buyers List - we add these into your autoresponder
We set all these up for you within 5 working days
Traffic training included to help you promote your system as soon as it's ready
Full instructions and links of your system - great when you need to get your download links for your Customers, or understand your own system better

Who This Licensing Deal Is For...

You're An Affiliate

Here's how you can keep 100% from every sale you make instead of just a percentage from affiliate commissions.

You're A Product Seller

This is a great 'shortcut' to adding an income stream to your online empire without shelling thousands of dollars!

You're Just Starting Out

Not only will we be doing your site set up, the products double as world class training on how to grow your Online Business!

6 Reasons To Get This Licensing Deal

Created By A Top Gun 7 Figure Marketer With 17+ Years Experience

We've Already Set Up 2,000+ Clients Through Various Licensing Programs

Your Chance To Have Your Own Elaborate, High-Value Sales Funnel

Save Time And Effort Creating Your Own Products

Everything Is Set Up On Your Server So You Have Full Control

Start Making Sales NOW (And Not Many Months Later!)

Your best chance at growing your business online is to not only have your own products, but an elaborate Sales Funnel.

Gone are the days when you can just wing it with one product and expect to profit from it. Besides, the more products you have means the more income streams you get.

But you probably already know that.

Why Most Internet Marketers Take Forever To Start...

The need to have a sales funnel means you have to create multiple offers. For most people, creating just one offer can already take days, weeks... sometimes months! Now you have to make at least a few before you begin.
There are too many things to learn... and too little time to learn them all! I know this because I've been there and trust me, it's overwhelming especially for newcomers.
You can't just create any random offer. If you want to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value and have buyers spending more dollars each, your sales funnel needs to be congruent. Otherwise you'll wind up creating a product only 10 people in the world wants!
There's more to business than just creating Front-Ends, Upsells and Downsells. The REAL money is in the Backend. And SHOCKINGLY, even most experienced Online Marketers don't have one! So if you want to hit income goals like $10,000 to $20,000 per month, it's going to take longer getting there just selling $10 low-ticket products.
Plus Truth Is... Not Everyone Is Cut Out For Coming Up With A High Ticket Offer. It requires a different mindset and approach than how you'd sell a low-priced offer. So if you don't have a solid Back-end offer, you are just leaving money on the table.

As a result, most people spend their time getting ready to just get ready! No wonder most people don't succeed in this business. I am more inclined to believe the industry is experiencing a high failure rate of more than 95% easily!

As Someone Who's Been Through All These Hurdles, This Inspired

The Creation Of This Unique Done-For-You Solution!

I went through and have experienced the same challenges, problems and setbacks most online business owners go through.

If I may suggest, instead of trying to do everything by yourself from scratch and taking unnecessary risks...

... Why not just model off a system that is already a proven winner for all the marketing top guns you know?

Why not have the system in front of you, have it generate sales, and then model off it so you can work with 100% certainty?

This Is The Premise Of My Done-For-You Exclusive Licensing Deal.

It's more than just a 'service' or a 'shortcut'. It's a business model you can own and model off so you'll know exactly what to do in the future.

Look at it this way: If you created your own site, your own product and send traffic to it in the hopes of selling something but didn't, you'd have to keep tweaking and adjusting your site until it made money for you...

... Or worse, rebuild the whole damned thing!

If however you had been given a completed system all set up on your server, you just send traffic to it and start seeing "Notification Of Payment Received" sales stuffing into your Inbox, you'll be more motivated. You'll start to inspect it and understand how it works.

It's like being a Detective and working backwards to trace your steps rather than looking for clues and going in all directions trying to find an answer.

Instead the answer is already here and you just need to trace it back!

Announcing My Exclusive Licensing Deal To Lead Attraction Secrets...

Your Complete Sales And List Building System Rolled Into One - Just Add Traffic And Make Sales!

My Done For You Exclusive Licensing Deal is a complete system ready to be put on your server. All the systems are in place to help you make sales, build your list, upsell offers, downsell passes, follow-up with your non-buyers and buyers through email... and even get you Back-end sales that pay $498.50 commissions!

Why Are We Doing This?

We've been asked many times by our Subscribers, Customers and Clients if there is a faster way to make money online. There's nothing wrong or anything to feel guilty about this request because ultimately, you need to work SMARTER not harder.
As someone who used to work solo, even though I cracked the code I was limited to my own personal efforts. To scale my business, I hired and trained my own in-house team. Not everyone is up for it as this requires heavy upfront and monthly cost... and that's why I am offering you to leverage on my team's expertise!
To this day, it's SURPRISING how even experienced Online Marketers who have been in this business for years DON'T have a Back-end. That's why a lot of people have trouble hitting their income goals or have to work harder. To this end, we'll even furnish you a ready-to-go High Ticket Back-end where you can earn up to $498.50 commissions so we can create a win-win experience together!

Let's Take A Look At How The System Works...

How This System Works Step-By-Step...

1. Traffic is sent to your Landing Page.

This is the first thing your Visitors will see. Your Landing Page asks the Visitors to fill their details into your opt-in form to join your mailing list in exchange for the Free Gift, a PDF Report in this case.

2. Your new Subscriber sees your first Front-End offer.

Immediately after filling in his or her details and clicking the SUBMIT button, your newly subscribed visitor is redirected to the next page: your first offer a.k.a. The Front-End offer.

Your Subscriber may choose to purchase the Front-End offer.

If your Subscriber buys - AWESOME!

If your Subscriber doesn't buy - that's okay, not everyone buys on the first contact. He or she is now on your mailing list, and your subsequent follow-up emails will continue to pre-sell your Front-End offer thus higher chance of closing more sales later.

3. After your Customer purchases the Front-End offer, he sees the first One-Time Offer (OTO).

As mentioned earlier, all the profitable marketers and business owners you know today sell more than one product, and you should too. Here's the thing: if you don't make these offers, your Customer will go on to buy from someone else. So why leave money on the table?

Say you get a 20% conversion rate here (although it can be higher) - this means every 2 in 10 Customers buy your One-Time Offer, or in other words you make extra 20% revenue... with no extra traffic or effort!

4. Even if your Customer doesn't buy the OTO, you can still Downsell.

While some people will take up your Upsell, not everyone will. Price issue is the #1 reason. So what you do is offer a Downsell a.k.a. a 'lite version' of your Upsell and knock down the price a bit.

Will there be some takers at this point? Absolutely, some people will change their minds - and you can save your sales by another 10% to 20% more!

5. After the first Upsell and Downsell, you show a 2nd and 3rd Upsell!

Which translates to more sales for you! Granted, your Customer will not necessarily buy everything you have to offer (although there are such instances) but with more Upsell offers you increase your chance of getting more bang for the buck.

The deeper your funnel, the more profits you can generate from the same pool of Customers.

6. It doesn't end at the Upsells - you still have a Back-end Offer.

The Back-end Offer is distinguished from the Upsells, in that Upsells are more immediate (tapping into impulse buy) whereas Back-end offers are usually seen later.

Usually high priced offers are slotted as Back-Ends. One of the best ways to sell Back-end offers is through Webinars.

That's Not All - your Customers now receive a different set of email sequences, different from when they were just prospects.

Through the automated Webinar and email series, you can get some of your Customers to 'graduate' to High Ticket purchasers. Granted, you should expect fewer Customers at this price point but

Think about it: even if you made $500 per Customer and your income goal is say $10,000 per month... you only need 20 Customers to hit it! Or a combination of other products and few high paying Customers to get there.

Because the email series are scheduled in a sequence, this is rapport- and relation-building with your subscribers on AUTOPILOT! Every email that goes out to your list is an opportunity to generate revenue!

There are more details like copywriting, design, how to craft your Offers, what prices to set, how to write the email sequence, etc. but this is the overall view in a nutshell.

Many seasoned marketers are doing the exact thing I've just told you. It has served me well and will continue to for a long time to come.

And don't worry, the whole point is not for you to learn every single detail - but to know that it can be ALL setup for you so you only have to focus on getting traffic!

In This Exclusive Licensing Deal, We'll Be Setting You Up To Take Control Of This Done-For-You Sales Funnel...

Let's Look At Each Component Of The Funnel We're Setting Up For You...

Virtual Tour On What Your Funnel Looks Like:

Having Your Own Product Is Just The Start.

If your business is anything like what the pros are doing, you should expect most of your sales to come from your Upsells and Back-end.

With our help to integrate everything into one solid system, everything is automated and truly 'set and forget!' You're standing on the shoulders of giants so you can develop much faster!

Let's just go through a conservative scenario so you have a rough idea what kind of numbers to look at...

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a guaranteed income. I don't know your work ethics, how committed you are, and your circumstances. You might make more sales than me, you might make less than me. The good news is, the Internet has pretty much limitless potential.

That out of the way, let's dive in and say you make these sales every month...

100 Sales from Massive Buyers List @ $1,700/month ($20,400 per year)

20 Sales from the first Upsell "Ready Made Landing Page Templates" @ $1,340/month ($16,080 per year)

10 Sales from Downsell @ $370/month ($4,440 per year)

10 Sales from second Upsell @ $470/month ($5,640 per year)

10 Sales from third Upsell @ $1,970 per month ($23,640 per year)

5 Sales from backend "Launch Prodigy" @ $2,492.50 per month ($29,910 per year)

= $6 Figures A Year Online Business

This is a conservative sales estimate but again I caution you not to treat this as a 'sure fire' guarantee claim. I'm just showing you the math and logic on how Internet millionaires plan and reach their income goals.

You'll see this makes sense because if all you do is just have a low-priced $10 offer - and you want to hit say $100,000 this year - that means you have to sell through your nose and make sure you push out at least 10,000 copies!

It takes significantly less effort selling to the same Customer vs acquiring new ones (though you should do both all the time)

Let Us Do The Work For You So You Don't Have To...

Secure Your System NOW In 3 Easy Steps

It's Fast, Easy And COMPLETELY Hands-Free.

Step #1: Place Your Order

All purchases are transacted through our secure server.

Step #2: Send Your Details

You'll be sent to the install form to fill out, and we do the setup.

Step #3: Make Sales!

Once done, you can start promoting the funnel!

Get Started NOW


Note: After making your purchase via secure server, you will then be taken to the next page with further instructions on how to get started. Please allow up to 5 working days for our team to set everything up for you.

Q: What do I need to get started with this?

A: You will need to have a:

- domain name
- hosting account
- autoresponder (recommended: Aweber, GetResponse, Sendlane, or ActiveCampaign)
- receive payments: Stripe and/or PayPal
- marketplace: JVZoo or WarriorPlus (optional)

If you don’t have any of these yet, don’t worry we’ll show you how to open these accounts.

Q: What will your team be doing the setup?

A: Yes, we will set up this entire sales funnel system on your server, complete with your buy buttons and autoresponder email sequence.

Q: How do I make sales?

 A: By selling these Products – from Front-End through Upsells (you keep 100% sales on these), and commissions on the Back-end (you keep 50% on this)

Q: Is it possible if you set this up on another marketplace like say, ClickBank?

 A: While it can work, we don’t recommend ClickBank due to tedious approval process. Unless you already have an existing vendor account with them to shortcut the process.

Q: What format will my Pages be in?

 A: HTML or OptimizePress 2.0 – your choice.

Q: Can you set up the email series on other autoresponders besides what you just named? 

A: We can, but depending on the learning curve, be prepared if this might take a bit longer than expected to setup. Not all autoresponders are the same.

Q: Will my data and files be safe?

A: Yes. We do not interfere with your existing setup during work. We have set up more than 2,000 Clients to date safely and without security problems. We recommend you change your passwords after successful completion of the setup.

Q: How long does the setup take? 

A: Up to 5 working days, though we typically aim to finish before that. This is because there are several Products and elaborate Sales Funnel we are setting up for you.

Q: Will you be providing Customer Support for my Products?

A: We will not be dealing with your Customers. However it is usually easy because the most common problem is if your Customer did not get the download link; you just provide it and it's case closed.

Q: I consider myself an Internet marketing newbie. Is this still for me?

A: Precisely why we created this solution for you. So you cut the chase and focus on what matters most: learning how to get traffic and market yourself. Which is also covered in the Products we set up for you, so it doubles as quality training for you too. Thus you don’t have to meddle with the technical hassles.

Q: I am a seasoned marketer. Is this still for me?

A: Then you can recognize the opportunity to save the hassles of doing everything by yourself, just by plugging this to your existing online empire and create another income stream 🙂

Q: Do you provide marketing materials for this? 

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can you do the slight rebranding and personalization for me? 

A: Yes, we can do these on the sales page and product cover for you (within reason)

Q: What if I have other questions about this Sales Funnel and Licensing Deal?

 A: Sure, you can ask us - even after the setup is done.

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