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"The Fastest Way We Use To Acquire 1,000 To 2,000 New Customers Per Month!"

without Content Grinding, Tiring Launches & Massive Budget...

What Is "Get More Customers"?

"Get More Customers" is my latest PDF and Audiobook that shares my personal strategy I use to acquire 1,000 to 2,000 new customers every month.

This is also the same blueprint my Clients follow to get buyers to their respective businesses - some of their case studies and testimonials are shared on this page.

We use social media ads, chiefly Facebook and YouTube, and leverage on their vast learning machine and database to find our next customer.

This works for various types of business - whether you sell digital products, physical products and/or services - if your customers are hanging out on social media then my book shows you how to reach them.

The amazing part is you can start with a nominal budget, which is exactly how my Clients and I started - and you will discover how to turn every dollar into 2X, 3X, even 10X return on ad spend.

Available For Digital Download

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Get More Customers available as PDF and Audiobook


How To Get Back Restricted FB Ad Account (PDF)
Split Test Secrets (PDF)
FB Group Access (Community)
Digital Business Workshop (Webinar Pass)

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What This Means For Your Business...

What do every business - whether big, medium or small - want?

Naturally... MORE customers, right?

Unfortunately, this is the part where most business owners struggle with everyday.

After trying so many different methods, I finally found the 'holy grail' in social media ads that transformed my business forever, and it can for you too.

I'll prove that statement in a moment but first...

A Disclaimer:

I've been marketing online since 2005 and have generated 7 figures purely through the Internet.

The average person gets next-to-no results because he or she just 'horde' information and do nothing, and underestimate or mismanage expectations.

Make no mistake: there will be work. And your results will vary depending on factors like nature of business, offer, pricing, work ethics, etc.

If you're not willing to accept that, please do NOT get my book.

That said...

This is a much simpler, quicker way to generate new buyers than the conventional, tiring methods most people are using today.

Who Am I? Why Listen To What I Say?

It's Edmund Loh here and it wasn't always like this.

For many years, I've built my online business on mostly referrals. Quite simply, I got other people to promote my product and I pay them a commission.

It was good for a while... then I began to encounter problems like...

Struggling to continue selling my products after the launch was over (and if I wanted to earn more then I needed to make new products every month)

Realizing I was actually at the mercy of my promotion partners (and petty politics happen, so alliances get forged and broken)

And one day in 2017, I hit the 'ceiling' in this business and my monthly sales was gradually declining...

The Death Of The "Old" Ways

I was at my office until late nights, getting on one Skype call after another with my circle of associates, who used to do well until their businesses were also failing.

At the time, I proposed to brainstorm for new solutions because our current methods were obviously no longer working. Unfortunately, my business "friends" were too complacent to do anything different, and I remember telling my staff that "we're really on our own now".

It was a scary time with uncertainties facing the company.

I had desperately tried several different ways to get more sales like:

Posting on social media around the clock (I had a decent network, but I was preaching to the choir when I needed to grow it)
Mailing my existing email list more than usual (but I risked burning it out and I still needed 'new blood')
Buying solo ads (I was getting a lot of clicks but real buyers were almost non-existent)
Wrote a book (it became a national bestseller, but no one cared)
Even spoke on stage at events (good for photo op, but it produced 0 customers)

Maybe you've done any of these before. Then you can imagine my disappointment when none of these added even an iota of sales.

Honest to goodness truth, the frustration was driving me MAD and I wanted to quit.

However what happened NEXT changed EVERYTHING...

The NEW Way To Get Customers...

After a string of failures and mounting expenses with little results to show for, I was no longer in a position to stomach more risks.

This was when I resorted to doing social media ads.

It was counter-intuitive at the time especially since I had only a shoe-string budget, but I was still determined.

CRAZY but true... I skipped my usual Starbucks and McDonald's and funneled the 'saving' to running my ads on just a couple of dollars per day.

I remember telling myself, "look I just need to make 1 sale - that's all. I just need proof this works!"

And true enough, a few days later, my first sale came in!

It wasn't much... but the fact that my product was bought by a total stranger not only excited me, it also reignited hope!

I took the same sale and poured it back into my ads, and kept it going.

Eventually, I have my products selling day-in, day-out - that means I no longer have to keep pumping out new content or new products every friggin' month just to keep afloat!

This culminated into selling hundreds... thousands of units every single month - to people I didn't know existed!

And you know something? Acquiring customers became FREE... because it pays for itself!

Think about it: if you have a 'sales machine' where you deposit in $1 and it spits back $2... how much will you invest?

Most likely, you'll do it again and again right?

This 'sales machine' that I am referring to is a combination of Facebook and YouTube Ads. The top 2 platforms on the web where 90% of Internet users worldwide spend their time on.

And I am a big proponent on using BOTH these platforms because let's be real, if you use say only Facebook then it's a kinda risky as your ad account can get disabled (don't worry - in my book, I show how to get it back and even standby additional ones)

You don't want to keep all your eggs in one basket, so I devised this 'combined arms' marketing to tap into these 2 social media giants without losing your shirt.

This TRANSFORMED my business forever.

Today, I get new customers to my products and services without begging for referrals (legends say my old associates are still doing that though...)

Beyond that, the same skill empowered me and my team to help other businesses find more customers for their own.

Now you know why I share my experience with 100% conviction. Most importantly, this is WHAT'S POSSIBLE for you and your business when you dial this down to a T - all of which I share in my latest book.


Get insider intel on how I'm able to generate 1,000 to 2,000 new Customers every month using Facebook and YouTube Ads... and how to get started on a small budget of a few dollars a day.


How to set up your Pixel and tracking from both Facebook and Google on your website in the next 15 to 45 minutes
List of Audiences to create on both Facebook and Google right off the bat
Column Breakdown setup in your Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads dashboard i.e. view only the important metrics that matter
Best practice to warm up your FB Business Manager, Ad Account and FB Page - don't go straight to Conversions campaign because that's a kamikaze move to get your account banned fast in 2022 and I show how to avoid that
How to test your ads safely for just $5 to $10 a day before you scale
Winning ad copy formula, headline and description for your Facebook Ads
Tried and tested video ad formula for YouTube - a lot of FB advertisers make the mistake that if their video ad is converting on FB then it must also convert on YT, that is not true and I show the difference...
Best video ad length, dimension, thumbnail and how to structure your call-to-action (not a lazy 'click below this video' that almost everyone else is doing)
How to crank out video ads fast with just your smartphone - no expensive cameras and gadgets required
Ideal lookalike audience creation for Facebook Ads
How to create similar lookalike audience for YouTube Ads without using email list (this feature is enabled only for accounts that spend $50K and above, but I show another easy way)
Simple, effortless, dirt cheap retargeting that can get 4X to 30X Return On Ad Spend and cost per lead reduced by 50% to 75% even
Angles and opener ideas for your ads
Words to avoid using in ad copy
My Ad Set setup and targeting on Facebook Ads
At least 4 different ways to do targeting for YouTube Ads
How many ads to test at a time
When and how long to optimize your ads i.e. when to keep the winners and ditch the losers
Where to get more credit and/or debit cards for your ad accounts as you scale
Why using just one traffic source is not enough today (in fact risky) and my combined assault with 2 of the top traffic platforms in the world
And more... you will discover how to do all these even if you're new or had yet to see success with paid ads (that's exactly what we're going to change)


We securely process payments with 256-bit security encryption


Limited Time Special - Download The Get More Customers PDF And Audiobook For Only $9.97

The 'Missing Link' To Acquire New Customers Around The Clock - Even If They've Never Heard Of You

This is the culmination of my years of experience, trial and error, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money 'burned' in ad spend so you can learn from my mistakes, get more new Customers and Clients for your Offers, and save a ton of precious time, effort, and money.


How This Is Working For Others?

And You Know The Cool Part?

You can test safely with as little as a few dollars a day before ramping things up. Yes, even in 2023. I mean, how many other advertising methods YOU know that lets you do that?

And if I haven't mention it yet - no, there's absolutely NO need to post frantically to your social everyday.

With my approach, you only need a handful of ads that can run for weeks... months... and if you do it right, it can last even years.

You don't have to be a genius at all to make this work (I know many top dogs crushing it with this, and they're surprisingly very average people...)

Look, what I'm saying is... you're just 1 click away from adding a stream of new customers to your business!

Get More Customers Starting Today.

The biggest expense is the money you're not making. To that end, serious entrepreneurs invest 4... 5... 6 figures and above to hone this skill.

That said, I want to help you by making this more affordable and available.

So instead of the exorbitant price tag to workshops you're probably used to seeing - you can get instant access to my PDF and Audiobook for just $9.97.

That's right. You get insider knowledge and elaborate strategy on how my students and I use Facebook and YouTube Ads to get new customers and clients to our respective businesses. All these at a very nominal fee that will help me maintain this website.


Your Bonuses For Acting Today

Note these Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.


You Don't Have To Say Yes. Just "Maybe" Will Do.

It's simple. Get my PDF and Audiobook today and you can go through it in the next few minutes. I have full conviction you will discover not only new gems, this is going to change the way you acquire new customers and clients.

And if this doesn't meet your expectations, contact my helpdesk and we'll refund your purchase. You can keep all the bonuses as token for trying.

Some people might think I'm a little crazy for doing this and that's okay. With a lot of hype and half-truths out there nowadays, I understand people are jaded.

So in a show of value upfront, I will shoulder ALL the risk for you over the next 60 days so you don't have to. You have absolutely nothing to lose, just give it a go!

Get More Customers Now.

This is not an open-ended offer. Given its value is worth many tons more than what I am asking for, I don't plan to keep this book at such a low fee forever.

So get your copy now before the price increases or I remove this altogether.

Available For Digital Download

Here's Everything Included:

Get More Customers PDF and Audiobook

4 Bonuses Included Today

How To Get Back Restricted FB Ad Account (PDF Download)
Split Test Secrets (PDF Download)
FB Group Access (Community)
Digital Business Workshop (Webinar Pass)

NOTE: These Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.

We securely process payments with 256-bit security encryption


-- Edmund Loh,
Internet Marketer Since 2005

Questions & Answers

Q: How would I know if this will work for my business?

A: If your customers or clients are hanging out on Facebook and/or YouTube, then yes!

Q: Will this work for other languages?

A: Indeed. I have Clients that operate in the Chinese, Malay, Arab, and French market using the same strategy taught in my Get More Customers book.

Q: I don't have a business. Is this still for me?

A: While this is made for business owners, you can learn this skill to drive traffic for other businesses as a freelancer or marketing partner.

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