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Shift #2: Evergreen Lead Generation Funnel

Now you've probably have already heard of the term "funnel" - it’s been around for a long time, since the past decade or so.

And today, a lot of business owners are starting to catch on what a funnel really is. But, it would surprise you to know that despite many people knowing what it means in theory, to this day many businesses don’t even have one. Or at least a functional one.

As a result, many business owners spend too much time getting a system together. They start working on tasks that don’t contribute to the outcome. So, they spend too much time getting ready to get ready.

Maybe some of you can relate to that experience. You spend too much time getting ready to get ready and there’s another word for it; it’s called procrastination.

If you don’t have a funnel, you cannot create predictable, trackable, scalable results.

Here’s the thing. No amount of documentation and paperwork will put money in your pocket, or cash in a bank. You need to have a proper funnel that will help you convert prospects into customers.

Unfortunately, even the few people that do funnels, they tend to over-complicate and over-engineer the funnel.

And I speak from experience, as I used to be that guy that created dozens of sales funnels.I had Front Ends, Upsells, Downsells, Back Ends, $37 programs, $97 products, $197 services, $500 High Ticket Back Ends, etc.

And while it’s good to have multiple products, but if you don’t structure your funnel properly, you are going to find some lower end offers that will actually hurt your conversions in the long run. I call this the High Ticket or Offer Killer - why should people be compelled to upgrade to a higher end program, if they can just go with say, your $7 E-Book?

And this is why I did something a lot more counter-intuitive. Even though I’ve made millions of dollars through sales funnels that featured multiple products, in recent years I’ve simplified my funnel and removed a number of products.

In fact, now I have a much much more simplified business model that still fetches 7 times returns and above. This is also the exact same model that my clients are using.

The cool part is, this is replicable in other niches or in other industries as well.

The 4 Step Funnel

I use Facebook ads and I send the traffic to what I call a landing page, where I ask for names and email address - this is so I can build my email list.

In exchange, they get a high-quality free gift. It can be a book, or a video or a webinar like what you are seeing here right now.

Now, the medium doesn’t matter, but the message is more important. Who cares if you are doing a 20 page book, a one hour webinar or video.

You yourself have pretty much gone through my funnel as well. I practice what I preach.

If you’re wondering why I give away my offers for free, it's because people nowadays are more skeptical and distrustful. People want to see if they can trust you before they decide to actually invest further. Think of this as your name card.

However, this is important - you want to make sure that when you give something away for free, you do it with the intention of solving an immediate problem.

Like I’ve said earlier, this is your name card. So, the free offer is where you make a good impression. Share value and solve an immediate problem. And after that, invite the same people to work with you further, and go in for the close.

This works especially well for people who work in the service industry, like coaches, trainers, consultants, and other similar types of services along those lines.

If you’re selling your own product, whether it’s a software, or even your own digital product, this method works too. The only difference is that instead of asking them to get on a call with you, you send them directly to a sales page. It’s pretty much the same method or school of thought.

So this is my 4 step funnel. I’ve implemented this for my own services and coaching programs. I’ve also used this for other businesses as well - among them an aesthetic clinic, a ceramic coating workshop and a photography business.

FB Ads For Local Business: A Case Study

This is one of my active funnels. What I do here is that I offer people a free PDF Book on how to get more leads and sales from Facebook advertising, targeting local business owners in my city area.

The image you see up here is my landing page. I use Facebook ads to send people to this very landing page. Once they click on the green button, a pop-up form will appear.

Once they put in their name and email address (and end up in my email list), I'll send them the PDF Book, which looks something like what you see in the image above. And as you can see here, this book is 23 pages long - it’s not really that long.

In fact, you'll want to keep it short and straight to the point. After all, I'm sure you don't want to write a 100-200 page book. Plus, most people can't finish what they start - they just don’t have the time or attention span to read something that lengthy.

In short, build a lead generation funnel that’s lean, mean, repeatable and duplicable!

Shift 3 - Master Facebook Ads

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to master Facebook Ads today. Any marketer that does not know how to do Facebook Ads today is in my opinion, illiterate.

Why? Hear me out.

Maybe your business is relying on referral marketing right now, where you depend on your friends and customers spread the word about your product or services. Assuming you do a great job, and have happy customers that spread the word, maybe you get 5 clients this month.

However, is it guaranteed that you will get another 5 clients next month? Also, what if you want to scale? How do you do that?

Or maybe… you’re doing what I call Marketing 1.0 - old school marketing methods like billboard ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, etc.

However, with the emergence of the Internet (and our reliance upon it!), marketing methods have changed. Over half of the world’s population is connected to the internet. And if you’re not there right now, your business is at risk of being wiped out, because the truth is: old school marketing methods don’t work like they used to.

Also, how many of you here are Internet Marketers who do Product Launches on platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus? You’ll be interested to know that the Product Launch scene has also changed a lot in recent years.

Take it from someone who has earned 7 figures doing Product Launches in the past. As an Internet Marketer back then, I depended entirely on other people to drive traffic to my website. However, people are fickle and unpredictable - there’s always that slight chance that one day, your top JV partner would decide to not work with you anymore. And what would you do then?

In short, if your business is at the mercy of others, you cannot scale your business. Why? Because there’s no way you can guarantee the results you get, and not only that, you won’t be able to track and scale your growth predictably.

All this is why I’m a huge proponent of Facebook Ads.

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