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Q & A

Domain Name

Do I need a new domain name? Can an existing one I have do?

If you want to use an existing domain name, it is recommended that the domain name is relevant to the products we are about to set up for you.

If you are going to get a new domain name, we recommend

- the domain name has 2 to 3 words (e.g. , ,

- contains no hyphen - ideally it is a .com

- relevant to what the offer and funnel is about

You can register for a new domain name using

If I Choose WordPress Option

I have WordPress. Is that enough?

We offer to build your Pages in a WordPress theme called OptimizePress. You must have OptimizePress in order for us to set this up.

You can get OptimizePress here if you don't have it yet.

We highly recommend it after building hundreds of Pages with it and consider it among the best in the marketplace. You can also easily edit the Pages after the site is set up.

What is the alternative?

We set up your Pages in HTML. This is universal , and you don't need WordPress.

However if you are to edit the Pages you will need a HTML editor like Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

If I Choose Web Hosting Option

I don't have a web hosting account yet.

You can sign up for one at any web host provider of your choice.

We recommend most beginners to start with KnownHost.

Am I hosting all the product files including the videos?



I don't have an autoresponder yet. Do I need one now?

Yes you need an autoresponder so you can automatically send out monthly emails to your members for their content - and also build your buyers list!

Which autoresponder would you recommend using?

Any one of the following will do 

- Aweber

- GetResponse

- SendLane

- ActiveCampaign

I am using another autoresponder besides your list above. Will you still do the autoresponder setup?

We can but do understand this might take longer than the intended working days. As different autoresponders have different configurations , lingo and style , we need time to familiarize with the setup and creation.

Another alternative is , we can give you the email series to put on your List Follow-Up Sequence.

Accepting Payments

I choose Paypal Standard Button. I am not sure how to go about supplying you the 'buy button' codes. Do I need to do this now? Can I do it later?

Yes , you should do this later. We can set up your website first. The buy button codes can be attended to afterwards.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We will NEVER ask for your PayPal login. And you should NEVER share this info in particular with anyone else.


Will my name be on the sales page?

Yes , absolutely! But if you want a pen name written on the page , let us know in your special remarks.