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Trevor Machaffie struggled to sell 188 copies of his software... after working with us, sold 2,500+ copies and generated $50,000 sales in 1 week and got JVZoo Pick Of The Day!

Yu Shaun & Cally Lee had no clue what to do and what to sell... now is selling information products in the Personal Development & Fitness niche averaging 6 figures per year!

Nicholas Ting is a passionate seminar trainer... before this, he had challenges sitting new people for his online workshops, after working with me he made SGD26,000 sales in 3 weeks!

Mark Lim went from zero knowledge to making his first 5 figure a month in 7 months... as a 1-man digital marketing agency!

Fairuz Ghafir works in the essential oil and energy healing business - after mentoring, is now generating her own leads and runs her own live workshops without depending on referrals!

What seasoned and long time Internet Marketing expert David Cavanagh (voted Best Speaker in several world class conferences and seminars) have to say about Edmund Loh:

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