Your Exclusive Invitation To My Signature Social Media Marketing Training Program (Limited Spots!)

Updated For 2020! Our Proven Process Has Created More Success Stories Than Any Other Program On The Market, With Students From Various Industries Getting Up To 6 Figure Results (Tons Of Proof Below...)

That's Only A Handful Of Testimonials! I Could Go On And On, But I Think You Get The Idea... This Program WORKS!

From the laptop of Edmund Loh
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Dear Friend,

There must be a lot of things demanding your attention right now, yet you chose to be here. For that, I want to thank you for making the time to be here and took time off from your busy schedule.

Therefore, I am going to make it worth your while by sharing some powerful strategies that will change the way you do business forever - and by extension, your life!

Bold promise? This is the same blueprint I followed that helped me generate RM 9 million in the last 5 years alone purely through the power of Internet and Social Media.

Overall, this is 15 years in the making to discover, refine and perfect what I call the "Ultimate Business Growth Blueprint".

So close the other tabs on your browser, shut off all distractions and if you need to, move to a quieter place so you can digest every word I say...

Why This Program Is Different...

What I'm about to reveal to you is practical stuff and real results that works for me and my clients.

More than that, you'll see this works for my students even though they come from different backgrounds, niches, markets, and industries.

How is it that business owners that hail from brick and mortar, F & B, digital publishing, e-commerce, beauty, coaching, consulting, and more... find common ground in my program?

And if you think you need to be an expert or first own a business to start seeing results, this couldn't be any further from the truth. I have trained absolute newbies to generate 5 figure monthly incomes and the cool part is: you don't need technical skill, and heck, you don't need to be famous or have a ton of followers.

What I am saying is, you just need to follow a proven process. And if you consider yourself coachable and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, then there is a very high chance this will work for you.

First Thing's First... Am I The Right Person To Listen To?

I have been marketing online since 2005, selling my products and services purely through the Internet. While this shows that I've been around long enough to pass the test of time, more importantly my secret to becoming and remaining successful in this business is the ability to adapt fast.

I think you'll agree with me that in as lucrative as Internet marketing is, the nature of this business also attracts a lot of hustlers and fly-by-night 'gurus' that want to make a quick buck and even if they do, they seldom ever get to sustain.

Was my success luck? Or skill? Allow me to furnish some proof:

Note this is the result of my perseverance and hard work. I'm not going to imply you will make millions doing nothing (though I have students averaging 6 to 7 figures yearly, and that's because they too do whatever it takes to succeed)

That said, I am confident there is a very high chance you will succeed too if you follow the same strategy we took to create our own online income via Digital marketing.

And if you feel these income levels are far from your reach at the moment, don't worry; this is the same strategy I used to go from zero to 4 figure months, then gradually scale up to 5 figure months and even 6 figure months.

I've Been Featured In The Local Media, Authored 2 Bestselling Books And Invited To Speak On Stage On Dozens Of Occasions...

When I started my Internet Business, I just wanted to be able to pay my bills and put food on the table. At the time, I wasn't even thinking about becoming a millionaire!

However since then, my business had brought me on a crazy, roller coaster journey to possibilities I thought was never possible before this.

These are just some of the many perks about running a successful business but I mention all these not to brag, but to show what is possible when you too have a lifestyle business that lets you live life on your terms.

Know these are by-products of success; I did not make my money because of these but rather it's because I created a profitable business through digital marketing that I am able to 'unlock' these achievements next.

This is why I always say you DON'T need to be famous or have a lot of following FIRST. (In fact I am a private person...)

So I hope we get that out of the way...

"Cool, Edmund... But Will This Work For Me?"

So let's answer this next just as important question - can YOU do it too?

After my newfound success, naturally I was curious: did I just get lucky? Does this also work for other types of businesses?

Eventually, I started to help Clients and students that operate in various other niches and markets - and even complete beginners - to apply the same strategy I use to generate leads and convert into sales via digital marketing.

This works for nearly every business because here's the thing: whichever product or service you are selling or planning to sell, most if not all your Customers or Clients have a phone and they are connected to the Internet nearly 24/7. And they are hanging out on social media, chiefly Facebook™ and Instagram™.

So wouldn't it make sense to reach out to them THERE?

4 Steps To Starting & Growing Your Business With Social Media

Every time I start a new project, campaign or even revamp a business, these are the same 4 step frame work I follow:

1. Mastery of Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads

I always say that any marketer or entrepreneur that does not know how to leverage on paid social media ads is considered marketing illiterate today.

Never before has there been such a simpler yet unified way to reach most if not all of your potential Customers in one place and starting from an affordable price.

Yes, it's possible to create omnipresence marketing beginning with as little as RM20/day and start scaling from there!

2. Convert Visitors Into Prospects

Most marketers and business owners always try to sell, sell, sell first and while there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I find the best approach is to first GIVE VALUE.

That's why I am big proponent of collecting prospect details and demonstrating VALUE upfront. Then...

3. Convert Prospects Into Customers

This is my secret to generating sales and bringing in informed, happy Customers and Clients for my products and services. And if you're wondering what's the next step...

4. Rinse & Repeat

While you can add other steps into your funnel, I subscribe to the idea of SIMPLICITY and forego complicated, over-engineered processes.

Quite simply: as long as you get steps 1 to 3 running like a well oiled machine, and you're making at least RM2 for every RM1 you spend, then your business is ripe for SCALING!

There Are 2 Ways You Can Do It...

The first way is to do it yourself. Telling you from first hand experience, this is the most expensive route you can take. A lot of misled and misinformed beginners think that by doing everything by themselves, they can save money.

Guesswork comes with a price, and that is TIME... and even MORE MONEY! As a result, most people get frustrated making a ton of mistakes, quit and never finished what they started.

And of the two, the one thing you will not get back is time. To me, it doesn't make sense to try to figure out something that has already been cracked.

Thus the smart option is the second way: just follow the foot steps of others already doing it and getting results!

Over the years, I had been asked by both friends and business owners alike on how I make money online, and whether they can do the same - be it from scratch or with an existing product or service.

This led me to conduct live seminars and workshops to train individuals on how to use the Internet to start their business and sell more of their products and services.

But you and I know that in as interested as a lot of people are, not everyone can physically attend my live events. I don't do it all the time (my main business remains selling my own products and services on the Internet, and I'm happy with that)

Plus now with the coronavirus pandemic worldwide - even though things are recovering as I'm writing this - doing a live training is not exactly the wisest thing to do now.

That's Why I Am Distilling All My 15 Years Of Digital Marketing Experience Into The Business Wealth Summit Online Training Program...

You get the insider secrets, step-by-step blueprint, swipe files, everything it takes to start and grow your business online through digital marketing...

This is what I share in my physical live event on the same name - but now you have an ADVANTAGE because with the online training version of it, this allows me to share MORE with you beyond the constraints of time. To that end, I've arranged this into an actionable online training sequence to help you get results!

So who is this program for?

Business owner
Consultant, coach or trainer
Network marketer
Service provider
Beginner with no product or service yet
Anyone who wants to start getting Leads and Sales online!

Here’s What You’ll Get In Business Wealth Virtual Summit...

4-Week Business Wealth Summit Online Training Program

Get the online access to my signature program "Business Wealth Summit" that I normally run as a 3-day live event here in Malaysia. I’ve produced successful participants from all walks of life in all my in-takes. However there is a recurring concern: not everyone is able to make it here in person, in as much as they would like to.

I don’t want people to give that excuse because we know you can either make money or make excuses – and I would prefer you make money. So I’ve decided to turn this into an elaborate, full-fledged 4-week Online Training Program!

Remember this is Implementation Training – you’ll be watching over my shoulder and get things done every step of the way. This is a training designed for newbies and absolute beginners so you or anyone can follow and discover:

Our signature 4 step frame work to bring in more Customers and/or enroll more Clients from social media (we've applied this to practically hundreds of various businesses and enterprises from different industries)
How to master Facebook and Instagram Ads and start advertising from as low as RM20 day (test safely on a shoe-string budget before you scale up!)
Our easy-to-understand audience targeting strategy and school of thought
P-A-S Ad Creative Formula Secret - backed by 6 figure in our own ad spend in the last 12 months alone
The Zero To 7 Figure Mindset - this is often missing in most training out there, because a lot of people find it hard to envision building a multi-million dollar business when they feel they are far from achieving it; I show how you can use the same process to create small wins initially then get mentally prepared to take it to the next level then the next...
How to build marketing pages easily with no previous experience or technical skill - my promise to you, you won't have to write a piece of code. If you can point and click, drag and drop, copy and paste, then you have what it takes!
Passive Follow-Up And Conversion Secrets with email marketing - my forte since 2005, now distilled into a power-packed crash course. Here's how to enroll more Customers or Clients on automation with a one-off setup.
Call Closing Secrets - how to set appointments and go in for the close. Applicable to service providers, coaches and consultants. And yes, it's so simple even an introvert can do it!
6 Figure Marketing Agency - how to take the same skill and create an additional income stream (see Component below for more details)
Access to all my templates, swipe files...
And much more...

You don't have to be a technical expert, heck you don't need to know all the right answers right now. As long as you know how to use the computer basically and you can follow instructions (don't worry I won't ask you to do anything weird or unethical) then you already have what it takes to succeed with my program.

Continued Updates To The Online Training Program

I also recognize that changes do happen every now and then. To that end, my team and I update the training materials from time to time so you can remain relevant and dominate your space. You are riding on our tailcoats as we pioneer the forefront of Internet Marketing - and you get to enjoy these updates throughout your membership!

NOTE: I've been running this online training since 2016 in some form of incarnation or another, it's safe to say we typically update the training material every few months given our track record.

6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency Secrets

This is where I’m going to show you how to start your new or side income generating leads to other Businesses. You can possibly get paid $500 to $5,000 month after month. 

Every business, big or small, need tow constant things: more leads and more sales. If you know how to drive in traffic and reach out to target customers, you are in business with these businesses.

This is what we’ll be covering:

1. How To Structure Your Packages

2. Your Product And Service Range

3. How To Use Facebook Ads To Get Results For Clients

4. 3 Ways To Find Your First Clients

This will be a crash course on how you can start your own social media marketing agency.

You’ll also get the proven templates to our Contracts and Agreements (you just need to fill in the blanks).

Closed Door FB Group Community For Digital Marketers

You Get To Join Our Facebook Community “Lead Generation, Facebook Ads & Funnels For Digital Marketers.”

I run a closed-door Facebook group focused on Lead Generation, Funnels & Facebook Ads - practically the very things you need to succeed online. You get to join me and the rest of the other like-minded online marketers in one place!

This group is specially created so you can be part of our growing online community of Digital Marketers. We’ll share useful information like how to grow your list, raise your prices and make your business evergreen. You’ll be able to meet people who will support your business growth!

Launching your own business and starting out is never easy, you’ll need a strong support system to help your business to continue growing, and I believe this is one of the best platforms to pave your way to success!

Recap: Everything You Get In This Training Program

Component #1: 4-Week Business Wealth Summit Online Training So You Can Generate Leads & Sales Through Facebook & Instagram (RM 4,997 Value)

Component #2: BWS Online Training Updates So You Can Remain Relevant And Dominate Digital Marketing (RM 2,997 Value)

Component #3: 6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency Secrets So You Can Get Paid To Generate Leads To Other Businesses (RM 3,997 Value)

Component #4: Closed Door FB Group So You Can Be Part Of Our Growing Online Community Of Digital Marketers And Get Support (RM 997 Value)

Total Value: RM12,988

If all this did was create a recession-proof, 24/7 income stream for you... will this be worth it?

If all this did was get you out of a dead-end job or a dying business... will this be worth it?

If all this did was help you work less hours in a week and not worry about money again... will this be worth it?

You can see why my Business Wealth Summit Online is valued as such. But you want to see a better deal right? I don't plan to charge anything exorbitant, and in the spirit of making this more affordable, I'm going to do something unprecedented.

First, here's what I am willing to do for you...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here's the deal. Join my program today and you have a full 60 days to give this a go. That's two months from now. While the program is structured for 4 weeks, you have an additional 4 more weeks of leeway to do everything that is taught in Business Wealth Summit Online.

If this doesn't pan out for you - and you've proven to me you've done every step in my program - let us know and we will buy your access back from you.

The risk is on me, and you have got nothing to lose. All you need to do is give yourself a chance. Sounds fair?

Right Now I Have 3 Questions For You...

If Not You, Then Who?

Your business is not going to build itself. No one else can make your dream happen other than yourself.

If Not This, Then What?

As you already know, Digital Marketing is almost the only way to start and grow a profitable business. Traditional advertising is dead or dying.

If Not Now, Then When?

If another disaster happens, are you prepared? If you are retrenched from your job today, are you prepared? If you are not happy with your income level now, then how long more do you want to stay there?

That's why our international clients pay up to 6 figures RM for us to implement this system and coach them (and they don't even get to meet us!)

But I don't want money to be a problem for you, so here's what I'm going to extend to you...

Because I have moved this program to virtually online - there is no expense for logistics and venue - so I can pass these savings back to you.

So it's not going to be RM 4,997.

It's not RM 2,997.

It's not RM 1,997 even...

I am offering a Massive Scholarship Discount so for a limited number of fast action takers, you can get started today for RM4,997RM2,997RM1,997 just RM797.

Yes, Edmund! I Want To Join Your Business Wealth Summit Online Program Now! I understand that I will be getting the following:

4-Week Business Wealth Summit Online Training So You Can Generate Leads & Sales Through Facebook & Instagram (RM 4,997 Value)  
Component #2: BWS Online Training Updates So You Can Remain Relevant And Dominate Digital Marketing (RM 2,997 Value)  
Component #3: Digital Marketing Agency Secrets So You Can Get Paid To Generate Leads To Other Businesses (RM 3,997 Value)  
Component #4: Closed Door FB Group So You Can Be Part Of Our Growing Online Community Of Digital Marketers (RM 997 Value)  

Total Value: RM 12,988
Join In At RM 4,997
Get Started Now For Just RM797 (Save RM4,200)



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I Need To Have Any Technical Skill, Or Past Business Experience? 

A: No, it’s preferable that you start on a clean slate. More than 95% of our Clients and Students are not tech-savvy. This did not stop them from creating 4-5 figure months and 6-7 figure yearly businesses.

Q: I Don’t Have Any Product Or Service To Sell. How Can I Make Money With What You Share?

A: Products are abundant, but there is short demand on skilled marketers.When you master digital marketing, you will be hunted for partnerships and affiliate promotions. (If you do agency marketing, you only need 1 Client to cover your investment in this program!)

Q: I Have A Product Or Service. How Do I Know If This Applicable To Me?

A: As long as your Customers and Clients are on social media, your business needs to be there!

Q: Is There A Support I Can Get In Touch With, If I Have Problems During The Online Training?

A: Every BWS Online member gets email and helpdesk support, accessible in the members area.

Q: How Many Hours In A Day Should I Set Aside To Work On My Online Business?

A: If you can commit at least 1-2 hours a day, that’d be good. Of course, the more time you spend on building your business, the faster you will succeed.

Q: How Much Should I Set Aside For This?

A: Set aside RM20/day for FB Ads. Of course, it's preferable that you can set aside a higher budget but this is the Bare minimum. Also, set aside a couple hundred RM for basic website setup and tools necessary.

Q: Has This Worked For Other People?

A: You've seen some of the testimonials on this page. There are even more listed on this page.

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