Who Else Wants To Generate Endless, Qualified Leads without Relying On Cold Calling, Referrals, Launches, & 'Dying' Methods!

March 13-15, 2020 In Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Join Us For An Unforgettable Weekend & Discover:

How We Generated RM8 Million+ In The Last 5 Years Through The Internet & Social Media

4 Step Funnel To Bring In Endless, Qualified Leads & Sales Using A Smart, Tried & Tested Strategy

How To Get Paid In US Dollars (Or Any Other Currency Of Choice) And Spend In Malaysian Ringgits

How To Start Getting Leads From FB & IG Without A Website (Works For Several Businesses)

How To Get Continuous, Repeat Business After The Initial Sale 

Ninja Call & Closing Sales Secrets That Converts Leads Into Sales En Masse

How To Be A Highly Sought After 6-7 Figure Marketing Agency

... And Much, Much More In This Exciting, Experiential LIVE Event!

Hafiz Jalaludin
Insurance Agent generated 7 leads and closed a RM3,600 done deal... while in the Program!

Conrad Kee
Generated his first 3 leads on Day 2 for his Golf Club membership!

From the laptop of Edmund Loh

Dear Friend,

First, does this sound anything like what you're experiencing right now?

You want to get your offer in front of ready-to-buy Customers, but no avail...

You don't know how to position what you're selling, or have no idea WHAT to sell...

You are engulfed by fiery competition and are unable to set your own voice in your niche, marketplace or industry...

You want your Business to be online but you don't know where exactly to start, what to do, and it's only getting confusing...

Above all, do you feel that time is moving faster, and you feel that it's running out?

You Might Be Thinking, This is too hard for me, I’m too slow, or I’m too late to the game!

Maybe you can relate to some of what I just said, maybe all these makes sense to you.

If This Sounds Similar To What You're Facing Right Now, Then You Need To Be At This Summit!

What if I told you these aren't really 'problems' but symptoms of something else?

The thing is, you simply haven't made the break from the clutter and obstacles holding you back from achieving the success you deserve.

And they're possible. Let's work together with me and my ensemble of experts.

Once You've Made The Shifts, You Will:

Business Wealth Summit

Dates: March 13-15, 2020 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM DAILY
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel
1, Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

(Next Event...)

Dates: May 15-17, 2020 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:00AM To 5:00PM DAILY 
Venue: T.B.A. Kuala Lumpur


Internet Marketer & Business Builder

Edmund is the founder of Musemancer, an Internet Marketing consulting and Digital Publishing company.

Starting off as a self-learner in March 2005, Edmund's claim to fame is being one of the Internet's early pioneers in digital Private Label Content; he created several hundreds of unique product titles that helped shortcut content creation for tens of thousands of business owners around the world.

He would go on to train business owners on how to generate endless, qualified leads via social media and email.

Edmund is the co-author of national bestselling book “Secrets Of Millionaire Students” and author of "Crushing It".

Edmund has made appearances in the media including The Star, Malaysian Today, and IncomeDiary.

When not at the computer, Edmund indulges in travelling and extreme sports. Edmund resides in Malaysia.

Fairuz Ghafir
Previously not confident in 'computer skills'... went on to generate her first 9 leads during the event and got her first Client at RM1,500 the next day!

Felix Tay
Health Coach brought in RM7,500 within 3 weeks... went on to make RM25,000 the following month using our 4-step digital marketing strategy!

What To Expect?

Practical, Hands On Learning With Me And My Team Of Experts

Get Started & Build Your Digital Marketing Campaign... On The Spot!

Meet & Greet Up Close And Personal With Myself And My Experts

Seek Crystal Clear Clarity On Your Business Model & Success Roadmap

Work With Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs At The Event

... And More (We're Excited But We Don't Want To Spoil Everything!)

What Goes Down At The Business Wealth Summit? Watch This Trailer Video...

Here's What We Cover In These 3 Exciting Days...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

First, Who This Is NOT For...

The Business Wealth Summit is hosted and run as an exclusive event for serious entrepreneurs and those in the making. In protecting our value, commitment and time, we rule out...

Hope that sets the record straight.

On the other hand, if you are self driven, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, and can follow instructions (don't worry, we won't ask you to do anything weird or unethical) then I want to invite you to this Program!

Who This Works For...

"I did not have previous knowledge on digital marketing and from this event i was able to set up my FB marketing and on the second day I've gotten results already."

Elena Yuen
Trading Business

"I used to do my marketing the traditional way and after attending this event and doing digital marketing I was able to generate 12 leads within 3 days!"

Physiotherapy Clinic

"I learned something new as previously I was just posting contents on Facebook and doing old school marketing, but from this 3 day event I've gotten 5 leads already..."

Eco Aircond Maintenance Service

"I was doing FB ads already but I wasn't getting any sales but from this event I learned what I did wrong, and I was able to get qualified 2 leads during the event after fixing my ads!"

Property Agent

Join The Business Wealth Summit.

The Business Wealth Summit is an exclusive event, and it's not something I do all the time. No promises when I'll be doing this again, as this is done on demand.

Before we talk about enrolling, first let's talk about what this costs you NOT to go.

If you've been paying attention to what's been happening in the last couple of years alone, a lot of business owners and marketers are struggling to make ends meet. Including those who used make it big back in the hay day.

The harsh truth is: if your business relies on short term methods like product launch, joint ventures and referrals, then you are at the mercy of others.

And churning out content like blogging and podcasting usually means you work many times harder in exchange for little results.

This is why I place a high value on priceless marketing skills like Facebook and Instagram ads and copywriting.

IF ALL THIS DID WAS to get you leads, seriously... will you ever worry about traffic again?

And it doesn't have to stop there: once you master this priceless skill, you can grow your business nearly anyhow you want.

✅ Sell MORE of your products

✅ Enroll MORE Clients for your services or coaching

✅ Go into any markets you want...

✅ Be a marketing agency to other Businesses and charge RM1,000 - RM20,000 per month for lead generation...

✅ Revisit and revive previously failed projects because finally you have the missing key to success...

What will all these mean to you? This is almost the only way you can grow your business in 2020 and beyond...

How To Apply...

As mentioned, the Business Wealth Summit is exclusive and by invitation only. To get started...

1. Fill in the form below.

2. My co-trainer or I will get on call with you for 30 to 45 minutes. If we assess that the Business Wealth Summit is for you, we'll move forward from there.

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Apply now and we'll talk to you very soon!

Edmund Loh

Frequently Asked Questions

I am coming from outstation. Where would you recommend I stay at?

A: You can stay at the hotel premise itself. You may also consider Airbnb options.

Will there be meals provided?

A: No meals are provided during the event. You can purchase or bring your own meals. Tea & coffee breaks are provided by hotel venue.

Is the event newbie-friendly? I know next to nothing. Will that be a problem?

A: This is precisely why you must be here! My team and I are work with complete beginners and take them by the hand. So even if this is your absolute first time, don’t worry. 🙂

What to bring?

A: Your laptop, and yourself! (NOTE: an iPad is NOT sufficient to get things done during the activities & training)

I am afraid this might be too basic for me. Is this still for me?

A: If you’re not making at least mid-six figures this year, then you need to be here. It is most likely that you know everything about a Business EXCEPT how to be profitable and scale it.

What are the parking rates at the premise?

A: Parking at the hotel is estimated to be up to RM20.00 for whole day.

Will there be any selling at the event?

A: If you’re interested to work more closely with us after the event, you will be first put through a filtering process.

You will be interviewed by our Director of Mentorship, and if we see that we’re a fit for what you do, the we can start working together.

I can't make it to the Summit. Will you guys be doing it again next time?

A: The Business Wealth Summit is held on demand. To inquire on upcoming dates and location, come speak to us! Though if you want to make serious changes to your financial life, then we  strongly encourage you set everything else aside and make yourself available for that weekend.

I have a question that's not answered in this page. Is there someone I can talk to?

A: You can drop us an email at musemancer@gmail.com or whatsapp us at +6012 654 5201.

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