Meet Edmund Loh

Edmund is the founder of Musemancer, an Internet Marketing consulting and Digital Publishing company.

Starting off as a self-learner in March 2005, Edmund's claim to fame is being one of the Internet's earliest pioneers in digital Private Label Content; he created several hundreds of unique product titles that helped shortcut content creation for tens of thousands of business owners around the world.

He would go on to train business owners on how to generate endless, qualified leads via social media and email.

Considered to be one of the top Internet Entrepreneurs in Asia, he has spoken at dozens of entrepreneurial & e-commerce events, and made appearances in the media including The Star, Management Malaysia, and IncomeDiary.



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"Get More Customers" is my latest PDF and Audiobook that shares my personal strategy I use to acquire 1,000 to 2,000 new customers every month.

We use social media ads, chiefly Facebook and YouTube, and leverage on their vast learning machine and database to find our next customer.

This works for various types of business - whether you sell digital products, physical products and/or services - if your customers are hanging out on social media then my book shows you how to reach them.

The amazing part is you can start with a nominal budget, which is exactly how my Clients and I started - and you will discover how to turn every dollar into 2X, 3X, even 10X return on ad spend.


This is the culmination of my years selling millions of dollars of products and services purely through the Internet.

I recount my steps from my '56k modem' days to living the 'Internet freedom lifestyle' and then materializing the business into a physical premise with full-time team... You will discover what it takes to break out of mediocrity and start getting extraordinary results whether you're generating leads or selling your offers.

This is what works for me, my clients, business associates, JV Partners, and the successful people I know... so there's a very, very high chance it will work for you too if you follow what I call the 12 rules to marketing success.

Private Label Rights

I had created several ready-made digital content for the Internet Marketing and General Business market, that anyone can use as sellable products and save time and effort making their own.

This means you can put your name as the author, resell the products at any price and keep 100% of the sales, edit the contents, use as bonuses, translate to another language, repurpose into other formats like online course, membership, home study course, seminar materials even.

Click the button below to see the range of active private label products available.


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