Smooth Seas Don’t Make Skilled Sailors

This screen shot from my phone is a list of things that didn’t work out or I was struggling with. Note the date: it was from June 2017.
That month, something rather extraordinary happened (or a rather, a chain of events)
I had just gotten back from the US all fired up, thinking I’d be making another breakthrough in my business, when…
* Our software bundle launch in the Indonesian market was an absolute disaster. We made only $200 gross sales after a week (would you BELIEVE that? Absolute bollocks, I make this before I start my day) Kid you not, WORST launch ever in my life.
* Before I could even dissect the launch apart like I always do, a hacker with an Indonesian IP address hacked one of the software sites. Restoring it would have been easy but that was when I learned of another problem: our server we’ve been with for years, LiquidWeb, had quietly killed the server backup feature just the month before. So we lost nearly everything, and the software app had to be rebuild – FROM SCRATCH.
* This domino effect led to my falling out with my now ex-partner for this project. She wanted me to foot all the expenses, do nothing on the support, but still wants her 50% cut. (To think I had personally trained her in IM since 2009)
* This in itself is quite an ordeal, but in another news I learned we could not move to the new office as scheduled. We have a slow-acting, rather ignorant landlord for the new premise and because the lift wasn’t activated yet, we could not do anything else – no moving in, no renovation, no nothing. Not until this is done FIRST. Talk about 10% causing 90% of the problems. This piles the pressure as Tenancy Agreement for our current office is almost up, and with Raya holidays that means people are expected to not work for a week.
* In yet another news… I was to do my one and only Continuity Income Program workshop for the year. I did two successfully the year before, thanks to my mentor who almost single-handedly brought the students. However this time, he couldn’t help as he had to tend to his parent’s failing health. As a result, I had missed all 5 planned seminar dates. And I couldn’t push the workshop dates any later because there were students that waited since last year, and two of them specifically applied for leave just to attend the particular dates.
* We made less sales than usual this month (worst month of 2017), and high ticket… 0 for the first month in a long time. To think we did a High Level mastermind event just 3 months ago! It’s almost as if I wasn’t practicing what I preach (yeah, like, WTF right…)
* I would go home to a house with no water for 3 weeks. Because I had been away for a long time, there’s been air pressure built up in the pipes from long disuse. However I hired not only one… but two plumbers… and none of them arrived! It would take the third plumber to arrive and fix the problem. So in the mean time, I bathed water I bought in drums from TESCO.
* Further down the list (not seen in the screen shot) is something laughable now: I was going out with a girl for a month – and it crashed and burned just as fast. Under usual circumstances I wouldn’t have cared much (to me, dating is a numbers game) but with all the shit I’ve just wrote about above, even the smallest of problems can be demoralizing or hurtful.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Had the problems happened piecemeal, I’d solve them as usual.
However all these happened in ONE go. At the same time.
I felt very, very jinxed.
Did I make some bad decisions? Could it have been avoided? Frankly, I thought I lost my usual mojo on things.
It felt like something was ‘blocking’ and for all my mastery of Internet Marketing, this was indeed overwhelming.
I got a grasp on the reality soon: it was a test not of knowledge and skill, but of character.
It was an unusually screwed up month, and to this day I have little explanation why so many bad things happened at the same time.
However I subscribed to two key lessons here before I was out of the woods:
1. That tough times don’t last, tough men do.
2. That calm seas don’t produce skilled sailors.
If life is like a magic show, sometimes it has a way of making you forget what you already know.
So call me simple, but I figured the most important thing there and then was to solve the easy problems first.
Get some small wins, rebuild my self confidence and… start somewhere.
That’s how this list came about (it was so bad I had to write it all down…!)
I made my goal to ‘crush’ them – one at a time.
Despite my disappointment and lack of explanation for all the senseless turn of events, I made it a commitment to myself to ‘pay it back in spades’.
And I did.
* I got rid of my ex-partner and took control of the software project. Engaged a developer team from India to work on it. This took a long, long time… more than 4 months! But with 2,500+ users and my former partner not giving a damn about Customer Support whatsoever, it’s all about taking back control. And I am glad it was finally done and put behind me. The software is better than ever when it was first launched, and I have a helpful developer on deck.
* We moved from LiquidWeb to KnownHost (so much better and affordable too!) LW used to be great, but I suppose honors can be transferred.
* I got my HR to hustle the Management to fix the lift first. It took some budging, but it got through and within the next 1 1/2 weeks everything else moved fast to make up for the lack of progress. Our team moved to the new office just in time, as the Tenancy Agreement for the previous place expired. Felt like a Last Action Hero moment!
* Within the next month, we started putting out products again. I realized I was getting less creative with offer ideas and started becoming lazy mindset-wise. So I put out Cryptocurrency Secrets, the first PLR title on Crypto, and it was a hit (sold 2,000+ copies by now)
* This was followed by another product… and another… another… altogether 7 products that got Pick Of The Day in JVZoo and JVShare – each selling into 1,000 – 1,500+ copies
* To market the 2 1/2 day workshop, I enlisted the help of Transcendz in a short notice. I had only 3 tries before the workshop began and just in time, we sat in 19 people. Respectable size for a workshop, better than just 3 at the start of the month!
* In the last 3 months alone, High Ticket enrollment was consistent again… with November and December being top sales months beating out the previous end years of the last 4 years!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I wanted to share this for some time, because I have heard of tales and stories from friends and people I know that their lives are snowballing out of control.
People who lost the plot and lost control of their life as they spiraled away, going from one problem or drama to another with no brakes pulled.
Now I’m not here to do a comparison contest to see who had the worst jinx experience (if you want to have the honors, go ahead…)
But to me, taking back control is a central theme in what I do and how I think.
If left unchecked, the problems would have continued to grow. And expand in ways so unbelievable.
I also believe one is a product of his or her own decisions.
You can let life roll over you… or fight back!
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