If I Were To Start All Over Again

… And all I’ve got is a working laptop and an entry-level credit card…
1. Build a Landing Page and start getting subscribers first.
2. Get some jobs on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, FB groups connecting clients and freelancers. Eat some humble pie, but get cash flow in a.s.a.p. (No. 1 Priority)
3. Pay myself first, but pour in a portion of the $$$ from freelance jobs to growing the list.
4. Build up the list. Demonstrate value. Promote offers as an affiliate.
5. Any offers that sell well and performs above average, I’ll consider creating a similar product of my own with at least 1-2 major features or Unique Selling Point.
6. Outsource the product creation, I do my own copy and marketing messages.
7. Add up potential JVs and join networking events if and when opportunity presents itself.
8. Product and funnel ready – set launch date at least 2-4 weeks from now. Be ready to give more generous commission payouts (hey since I’m starting all over…) the main goal is the buyers list.
9. Back-end the launch with a webinar: if I’m up for it I’ll do it myself or the lazy (but still profitable) alternative is get someone else smarter to do it in exchange for a cut. I don’t expect to make from the Front funnel at this point, so the back-end will help.
10. Do the launch.
11. Profit $$$$$
12. New Buyer Lists = can promote more offers + grow own influence + ready up for the next launch idea + can I ditch the freelancing jobs now? TQVM
13. Repeat the cycle, tweak and refine the system with every try. Gradually introduce more offers and price points should climb.
14. As system becomes more and more familiar and solid, either outsource or hire a physical team. (one man show has its limits)
15. It’s optional but if I’d like to go faster… find an investor and raise capital so business can grow bigger and operational costs become the least concerned. (every startup-er’s dream)
16. Your business continues to grow. Gradually delegate so you’ll have more time off (Or you can continue the hustle… the most important thing is finally you have a CHOICE to shift gears anytime you want)
17. Time to pour some $$$ into other investments (Gold and Silver, properties…) sure an Online Business is awesome but how long can you continue to work at the intensity of a 21-year old?
Here’s To Massive Abundance!
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