How To Turn Monthly Income Into Weekly Income

Ask me 2 years ago, let alone 11 years ago, I wouldn’t think it’s possible to actually grow your income exponentially. Ask me back then and I’d think growth was a linear and arithmetic thing. (probably so do most people)

So to talk about turning monthly income into weekly income is a pretty BIG BOLD statement in itself.

If not for the ‘magic’ I’ve witnessed in myself and others I wouldn’t dare say this without conviction.

August had been our most profitable month this year so far (I thought it was going to be hard to outdo June, previous most profitable month) and measured against our average monthly profits in 2014 (when I started my company with a full-time team)…


Another way of looking at it: we went from earning in a month… to earning it in a WEEK!

(And I think the awesome part has yet to come because we still have yet to see the full potential even…)

Yes techniques and methods are important, but here are 4 secrets that explain this exponential growth:

1. BELIEF. You have to know it can be done even BEFORE you do it. This sounds tricky and for a long time it didn’t make sense to me. However there were also times I just knew I could get it although I haven’t yet figured out the full game plan to get there.

One of the EASIEST ways to build up your conviction and belief is seeing others doing what you already want to do, and model after them.

2. ATTITUDE. What you focus on expands. The Internet is a busy place and there’s a lot of distractions out there. So it’s easy to spend time on things you shouldn’t be spending your time on, or doesn’t empower you.

That’s why I steer clear from people who seem more excited about gossips and discovering scams, and I work with people who are goal-oriented and problem-solving oriented.

I truly believe successful people create opportunities out of thin air, while failures create problems out of thin air.

3. MEASURE. Track your progress like a hawk. For many years, I shied away from going detailed into my own numbers. So sometimes I wondered why my bank account didn’t reflect the figures they ought to be showing despite fresh from a six-figure launch.

(Most product launches show revenue and while the numbers seem cool, most of the time more than half of that amount goes to affiliate commissions and cash prizes, there’s a small % going to transaction fees, and some more on product development and more…)

Thus when I started Musemancer, I monitored my income and expenses more meticulously, and I look at PROFITS instead of revenue.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Once you know how you’ve been doing in the past week, month or year – making progress and tweaks becomes easier and you can do it with conviction.

4. MENTOR / COACH. While I got my start being a self learner, it was only in recent times things took on an explosive turn. In 2015 we doubled the profits of 2014, and so far we made 2015’s profits by mid-year.

I couldn’t have possibly done or thought this out on my own. So yes I’ve had help from people smarter than me in specific areas.

Hope you find this useful and if you’d like to know more, I’ll be sharing more on how to build an Online Business that’s designed to turn monthly income into weekly income in a 2 hour seminar.


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I’ll also be sharing success stories of my students from my first workshop as well.

Worth noting: I don’t do this all the time – in fact this is my second and last seminar run for the year – and I won’t be doing again until either further notice, or if there’s enough demand for it. So if you’re going just follow the simple step above to register, and I’ll see you then!

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