How To Crush It In 2017 – 5 Things To Get There


Let’s talk about leveling up and transcending beyond just being an Internet Marketer.

As year 2016 draws to an end…

* This year my company Musemancer had more than doubled (2.5X) last year’s annual profits, and more than 4X that of the year before

* full-time staff of 8-10; doubled that of just earlier this year

* went from 1 company to 3 this year alone – one partially sold; all financed

* created a string of records including $125K in 4 days, $20K in 48 hours earlier this year THEN $20K in 24 hours, $88K sales in 5 days launch, $80K sales + JVZoo POTD on a software launch, and more…

* we also created success stories of students enrolled into both our online coaching programs and two workshops hosted in Malaysia this year…

Accomplishments like this wouldn’t have been possible without intention to play 100% and following a set of ‘rules’ (most of which I share in my book “Crushing It”) but you’ll get the main highlights here…

This is your full-time job. Always be finding leads. Whatever earnings or salary you’re getting right now, always set aside a portion of it into building your list. Be it 5% – 20% of your income, or even a few hundred bucks. NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

Your potential customers will always ask:

– “Who are you?”
– “What’s in it for me?”
– “Why should I listen to a word you say?”

You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to some people. Find a niche to specialize in, and be the go-to expert.

If you feel you’re not smart or good enough, start now. People will gradually come to terms you’re an expert in your domain weeks or months later (and time flies)

One of the main culprits of ‘no money’ from business owners is that they either have nothing to offer… or nothing valuable to offer. Quite simply: the more offers you have out there, the higher chance you can make money.

When I started with Musemancer, I discarded my higher priced offers (due to age or lack of relevance) and started all over. The product prices in my funnel at the start was $7-$37 average.

Into 2015, I gradually introduced higher priced offers – $67, $97, $197…


This year, we went high ticket and announced some seemingly audacious prices (and there were still takers)… $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000… even $35,000 on record thus far.

We also have a couple of membership sites that has both monthly and annual subscriptions to continue generating revenue.

If you want to go from $10K-$25K a month to $50K-$100K a month and beyond, this is going to help you get there a lot faster.

Now this is the part a lot of typical IMers (also what you find in the average MLM’er) – they spend their newfound fortune almost immediately on instant gratifications like a new flashy car, new house, more luxury…

Ok nothing wrong with those – knock yourself out a bit once in a while (you’ve earned it) however let’s talk long term here…

How about reinvesting the newfound rich into long-lasting wealth? Properties, precious metals, keeping in offshore bank accounts, etc.

Because some serious thoughts to consider:

-> you can’t be working with the energy and intensity of a 21 year old forever

-> which one has a higher chance of being around 10-20 years later – your property or your online business (as it is)?

-> what if something happens to you that prevents you from working the way you work your magic right now? It doesn’t have to be death or disability (one of them is a 100% thing)… but loss of interest? Something changed in your life?

This may be old school and runs counter to a technological business, but there’s a good reason why most of the really rich own properties.

-> and currency gets inflated or devalued… it’s happened to Greece, it’s happening in Venezuela right now, and Malaysia… don’t be surprised if we start using a weighing scale. That’s why I keep a bulk of my earnings OUTSIDE the country.

So whatever newfound richness you’ve earned, pour at least some back into creating WEALTH. And let your assets fund your luxuries.

– – – – – – – – – –

*** HEADS UP: As you can tell, this is about going high level where there’s no room for small thinking. I also encourage you to think beyond ‘being an Internet Marketer who makes money then spend on doodads immediately’.

Even if the goals seem far away for now it’s a direction worth following. Also, don’t be in a hurry to compare yourself NOW to the accomplishment of others who’ve been at it for quite some time… ***

More Posts like this later on… TO BE CONTINUED

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