Case Study

$35,000 While Sitting In A Total Newbie Workshop

Scenario 1: A guy joined my workshop a few months ago. After the first night, he decided it wasn’t for him and politely asked for a cancellation because it was ‘too newbie’ for him. He then asked if instead we had higher level programs for him (which we do) However after a strategy session call,…

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When Small Changes Make An Impact (seriously!)

To be really, really honest with you… I wasn’t a big believer in small changes making big differences. Hardly. Until recently. After discovering new things, strategies and approaches that work for my business, I was excited to carry out the changes throughout my network of websites. In hind sight, I also cannot help but wonder…

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CASE STUDY: $7315 in 72 hours

1. I wanted to experiment doing an online sale that can be pulled off in a quicker and faster succession compared to doing a full-scale product launch. 2. So I opened my Excel Sheet file where I have jolt down my “idea bucket”. After conducting a quick research by combing through the Main Discussions in…

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