Are You Curious… Or Committed?

Happy New Year!

I started this business more than 11 years ago with slightly more than $1,000 in capital. It was all I had and that was after working a full year on an office boy’s salary.

There was no guarantee. No promise.

It was up to me to make it happen.

I remember spending my first $10 on a domain name took me a whole day to consider. Buying a $4.95 e-book was a decision that required a lot of thought.

Much later I spent $197 to attend my first 2-day Internet Marketing seminar in Singapore. Another scary decision because that was monthly income right there.

As my business grew and started making money, I would go on to invest more in myself. $2,000… $10,000… $35,000 even (right after doing a successful launch I basically gave it all back)…

… That if I were to count everything I had spent on investing in myself, it would’ve been easily six-figure sum – with last year $60,000 alone.

I’m all for frugality and being street smart in business – and get this, I come from a savers mindset – however in the long run I am convinced that being cheap and taking free advice are some of the most expensive things one can do. These are also a huge put-off to others whom you might consider working with.

I know of people who, after years, are still in the same place, same station. Looking for the next free stuff. Or how they can build a business for $100 or less without growing or changing their state of mind.

Wish I was joking, folks.

So if you want to level up your game in business – or you’re sick and tired of being stuck in mediocrity that you can’t stand it for another moment more – it’s time to PUT SKIN IN THE GAME. Go all in.

Even if you feel you don’t have much money or resources today. That shouldn’t be an excuse – because there are others who have made it in spite of having little… but didn’t let it stop them from playing BIG.

Perhaps it’s a test of courage to see if you’re willing to play bigger than regress into your comfort zone.

And that’s important because these are the qualities other A-Listers and millionaires are looking for in someone they work with.

Do some things that scare you a little everyday. And this will be your new norm.

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