$35,000 While Sitting In A Total Newbie Workshop

Scenario 1:
A guy joined my workshop a few months ago. After the first night, he decided it wasn’t for him and politely asked for a cancellation because it was ‘too newbie’ for him.

He then asked if instead we had higher level programs for him (which we do)

However after a strategy session call, we realized that he wasn’t ready for any of them because not only his marketing fundamentals were weak, he had a very skewed idea about making money online (he wanted to push his real estate course for just $47 with no intention of having a funnel or anything in the back-end because “upsells are evil”)

As he wasn’t open to new ideas, my co-trainer and I decided he and us were not a fit to work together.

Scenario 2:
I joined my friend David Cavanagh’s workshop in Pattaya, Thailand for 8 straight days. While I went there mainly to support him and see how he runs his program, I already knew his audience were mostly newbies.

While I didn’t expect to learn a lot of new stuff, for some reason I stayed around for… every single session.

And what transpired was…

* $25,000+ sales (I prepped for a product launch before I went to the workshop but hey, it’s all in taking action)

* $2,500+ sales from arranging a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal in the short notice (my first time ever!)

* Daily sales and commissions, of course from my existing business (but mailed more aggressively)

* And the unexpected: I was invited by David himself to be the last day’s speaker. In the short notice, I prepared my presentation and program and closed 1/4th of the people in the room and made $12,000, $6,000 of which is my profit after commission

* Despite the simplicity and ‘newbie’ nature of the workshop, I ended up scribbling notes from page to page in the workbook – took note of David’s selling skill as well as his invited speakers.

* I came back from the week-long workshop with product ideas to fill up for the first quarter of 2018…

Moral Of The Story:

I believe that no one is ever above learning. Never discount the basics, no matter how long you’ve been doing it or worse, when you think you know it all.

I have been in business for 12 years (close to 13) and anyone in my shoes would have easily dismissed this as ‘for newbies’.

So imagine my surprise at how much I got out of a ‘newbies’ class. Yes, David is an excellent teacher. But the other half of success is taking action.

From the workshop I did, one of my students is currently averaging $300-$700 a week with a 10,000+ subscriber list.

My two other students, a couple, did their best month at $17,000+ sales not long ago.

Now if only the guy in Scenario 1 had stayed on, I think things would have played out differently for him now.

Well… now you know what happens when your mind is open… or closed!

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