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About Me

Edmund is the founder of Musemancer, an Internet Marketing consulting and Digital Publishing company. Starting off as a self-learner in 2005, Edmund Loh went from a mere reseller and affiliate to becoming one the top Digital Product publishers in the Internet Marketing arena, with hundreds of titles and products created and originated from him.

Edmund is the co-author of national bestselling book “Secrets Of Millionaire Students” and author of “Crushing It”. Considered to be one of the top Internet Entrepreneurs in Asia, he had spoken at events for Success Resources, Incitement, Startup Grind, and many more entrepreneurial and Internet Marketing conferences. Edmund has made appearances in the media including The Star, Malaysian Today, and IncomeDiary.

When not at the computer, Edmund indulges in travelling and extreme sports.

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Upcoming Events


Past Events

2015 – September 4 – 6: DBA Surabaya @ Indonesia
2015 – August 1: Passive Income Mastermind (KL, Malaysia)
2015 – May 15: Nina Ray The Happiness Coach @ Musemancer
2014 – November 26: DAREBiz @ Cyberjaya 2014 – November 13: Startup Grind Jakarta
2014 – August 14: eCommerce Conference 2014 (Malaysia)
2014 – April 5 & 6: Konvensyen Pakar Bisnes Internet (KL, Malaysia)

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