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ClickBank Asia at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

ClickBank Asia’s first event in Asia, and they chose to do it in Malaysia! Amazing meet up with the ClickBank managers themselves who came all the way from the US, local ClickBank vendors, affiliates and other online entrepreneurs – some even came from Singapore.

Full day event of insights at marketplace behaviour, tips to cash in on CB, although I place a premium on the valuable networking sessions. Amazing they managed to organize ClickBank Asia in such a short notice, kudos!

How To Remove Unresponsive Leads From Your Autoresponder

Just a quick share with anyone who’s been having a mailing list for years. Over time you’ll realize that open rates tend to drop. This could be due to a few factors, one usually being people are no longer interested in hearing from you.

It’s pointless to have a huge list if only a tiny fraction of them really wanted to hear from you so you’ll do well to cleanse your list now and then.

– This keep your open rates up

– less chance of your email getting caught in spam or reported so by uninterested people

– save a bit on autoresponder fees (a little bonus, which is better than paying for hosting an online cemetery of dead leads)

You can spend a few minutes do it real quick.

For Aweber:

For GetResponse:

Personally, I remove anyone who hasn’t opened a single email in the past 6 months, though you can try up to 12 months (your preference).

PHOTOS: Musemancer + ChromaBit Team Retreat At Langkawi

Oops. Forgot to add these photos to my blog! It’s been long overdue.

2 days 2 nights in Langkawi on April 18 & 19. Our first ever team retreat and we went with Desmond Ong and Team ChromaBit! :)

This marked the half year milestone for us and while chilling out at the beach and doing some activities, we also brainstormed some ideas and collaboration.