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10 Ways I Stay Focused And Motivated


Everyone has their own means of staying focused and motivated. Here’s a list of what keeps me going daily and when the going gets tough at times:

1. What’s Your WHY?

Your reason often starts off as a private matter. Whether it’s losing those flabs, buying a new car and house, or start your own philanthropic act. Whatever it is you want to do, you might as well GO BIG with it. And just as important, you want to stay true to your goals. For example, if you sincerely want to be a millionaire, don’t say you want to help build homes for homeless people. There is nothing wrong or sinful in pursuing materialistic wealth.

For me, my goals change from time to time, especially after I have accomplished them. Levelling up and finding new WHY’s is important to me.

2. Celebrate small wins.

It is important to nurture your self confidence before reaching your ultimate destination. Like rest houses along the journey, I celebrate and acknowledge my little victories – just like I celebrate my affiliate promotion earnings before I get to the big product launch.

At the same time, I don’t over-congratulate myself, for this leads on a dangerous path to complacency.

3. Look up to people who are already doing what you want to do.

I have multiple mentors and people that I look up to in different areas of life. In Internet Marketing, I have several successful business associates, partners, and top guns I study especially if they are already doing what I strive to achieve. I take fitness advice from my gym trainer. And when it comes to dating and relationships, I listen to yet other figures who I can align with.

Make no mistake: there is an abundance of experts and leaders to look up to. I feel it’s wiser to single out just a few based on where you want to go, and what you want to achieve.

4. Do 2 to 3 main things a day.

And that’s it. If you want to stay focused, choose 2 to 3 important things to get done in the day, and nothing more. Don’t multi-task and don’t add needless items to your to-do list to fool yourself into thinking you’re productive. Remember, working effective is better than working efficient. A manager do things right; leaders do the right thing.

5. Talk to friends that empower you, not pull you down.

I am happy to say that I’m in the company of uplifting friends and family members. However it wasn’t always that way; when I started out years ago I had to spend more than half of my energy against the nay-sayers. If you find yourself being pulled down by ‘frenemies’ this is an indication you need to hang out with a different breed of people. Talk to winners, find your way into their club. It may be exclusive but it’s worth fighting for, this is an infinite times better than a free admission to the mediocre club.

6. Keep a track record on your progress and put it in writing.

What you can measure, you can manage. When I started streamlining my income/expense sheet last year, I wasn’t happy with the numbers. It was something I dreaded to see for a long time because I was afraid to confront the truth. When I finally did, I realize I was not making as much profit (not revenue, PROFIT is the last word) as I had always thought.

The truth was ugly however I needed to face. Fast forward almost a year later, and my monthly profit has nearly DOUBLED in recent months compared to the yesteryear. It’s important to see how far you’ve come, and when you’re keeping track of your progress, you’ll be determined to change those numbers. The same holds true for other achievements, including your body weight and strength training.

7. Do it for more than just yourself.

I may not be a father and thus have no kids (maybe in the future, marriage is not on my mind right now) but I have a mother and sister to take care of. More than a decade ago when I quit my full-time job and after a rocky start I finally made some money online, I promised my mother she never has to work again for the rest of her life. So it’s been up to me since to uphold that promise and commitment. This also keeps my attitude in check from recklessly splashing all my new found wealth.

It’s easier said than done, but making a declaration has to come truly from the heart and not pay lip service.

8. Share your wins!

Some might think this is horn tooting but I think it’s a good positive thing, provided you do it with genuine intention to inspire others as well vs. feeding your own ego. You probably have people looking up to you in turn (or if that hasn’t happened yet, you will one day) so if anything, you won’t want to disappoint the people looking up to you as a role model to them.

It won’t be a bed of roses and chances are, you will still attract some jealous people and haters – I’d say let them be for this speaks more about them than it does about you. Share your wins, inspire others, and this also helps reinforce your motivation and self confidence for the right reasons.

Don’t horde it all to yourself – imagine if all the experts, top names, leaders, etc. kept all the knowledge you learned from them TODAY to themselves.

9. Pay no attention to politics.

If you look at most of the successful entrepreneurs especially on social media, they seldom (if at all) comment or talk excessively about politics. In retrospect, I notice the people who spend most of their time commenting on news sites and sharing bad news go viral are usually bitter, unhappy people. So it’s safe to say, politics attract this lot and this is a huge focus killer, not to mention highly demotivating.

So stay out of politics and stop dwelling in things you have no control over. The sooner you realize there ARE things you can do to improve your personal economy, the sooner you will be empowered instead of surrendering your energy and spiritual submission to the people you’re most unhappy with (and they might not even know it – which makes it worse!)

10. Just as important, don’t indulge in vices like gambling and excessive drinking.

This is a guilty pleasure for most men, but these are usually escapes from reality for many.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. And I don’t gamble. Because generally, I find many ways to keep myself happy, focused and motivated that I spare no room for these self-damaging vices.

To sum it up, find what works for you, what keeps you focused and what keeps you motivated even when the tide is against you.


Why You Should Speak On Stage And Write A Book


For most people, writing a book or speaking on stage are just items on their bucket list. But let me tell you why you should speak on stage or author a book (better still, do BOTH) for the bigger benefit of business and personal growth.

Despite my main business being digital publishing, I take up at least a few speaking engagements every year and soon I will have my book “Crushing It” out in the local bookstores; prior to this I co-authored Secrets of Millionaire Students.

So should you consider doing the same? Here are a few good reasons that will level up your personal and business success:

1. Increased Perceived Authority.

BIG PLUS here. The moment you stand on stage in front of your audience, you become THE authority figure. It doesn’t matter if you speak in a classroom or an auditorium, it’s the same altogether. You are DIFFERENT from the rest and even in the most sceptical environment, you become THE center of attention. Every word you speak on stage suddenly has weight and your audience are more likely to take you seriously compared to chatting over a cup of coffee at your local mamak or kopitiam.

2. Leverage.

Another BIG PLUS especially when you compare to sales people and network marketers meeting prospects one by one. In a seminar or business preview setting, you can deliver your message to multiple prospects for the same effort. Again back to point [1] your words carry and command more authority vs if you do it in private or in a cafe setting.

Having done several seminars and speeches, I always observe how people perceive me between these scenarios – delivering a speech FIRST often helps with first impression and establishing my credentials as an expert in my field. Bear in mind I was still the same person before I climbed the stage; it’s not like I got any smarter when the spotlight was on me. :)

A friend of mine who has a strong following on YouTube once said to me (paraphrased), “You get a credibility advantage in doing business and making negotiations if people know you FIRST.”

3. Your Book Is Your Best Name Card.

If you can publish your own book or find a publishing house to do it, go for it.  Some people say that books are glorified name cards and in a way, I agree. It is also an amazing credibility tool and message delivery rolled into one – and today with almost all information going virtual, having a published book is now a prized novelty and thus valued more.

4. Train Your Charisma.

Speaking on stage and writing your own book will definitely open doors and lead you to new people. If you consider yourself shy or ‘not good with people’ this is a great opportunity to build your charisma and train up your speaking skills. Get ready because when you have these in place, you will find yourself flooded with opportunities never before experienced!

5. And ultimately…

You still get to strike these items off your bucket list. Only it will be more fulfilling and purpose driven.

My Upcoming Book: Crushing It

I am excited to announce my upcoming book which will be published by Kanyin Publications, called “Crushing It“. This is going to be my first book since I co-authored “Secrets of Millionaire Students” in 2008.

For a long time, I had thought of writing another book on Internet Marketing and online entrepreneurship but truth be told, there are already many books on the same subject flooding both the online marketplace and even our local bookstores here in Malaysia. I wondered if I would have anything else to add.

As someone who has been marketing online and sold millions of dollars in sales on digital and virtual products for the past decade, I have seen trends come and go, and so were the people whom I thought had it all figured out in life.

So what remained consistent? What are the skills and mindset does one need to equip himself for online success?

How does one break out of mediocrity and shoot for the stars, and hence start CRUSHING IT?

That became the title of my book. This is the result of my 10 years of running an online business:

  • Starting on a 56K modem to millions
  • Going from solopreneur to having an in-house team today
  • And ultimately distilled everything into 12 essential rules to success

The timing cannot be any more impeccable. As I am writing this, the exchange rate is USD1.00 = MYR 4.3. The popular perception of Malaysia is that the nation’s economy hasn’t been good at all; now her people are about to be in for harder times ahead. It also doesn’t help that the online marketing scene is pervaded by a mix of ineffective teachings and the ‘startup bandwagon’ that is distracting people, putting them under the illusion of fast riches without meeting the requirements to attain it.

But I always believe that behind every problem or crisis, there is an opportunity.

In Crushing It, I share what works for me and many others, and most importantly what you can do to start generating EPIC results for your leads and sales.

A warning though: this is not a ‘feel good’ book; I tell what you NEED to hear. You won’t find time sensitive information inside, but rather timeless advice with a decade’s worth of track record to back it.

“Crushing It” is expected to hit the major bookstores through Malaysia ETA end of 2015 or early 2016.


This is a preview of the cover design in the works by Kanyin Publications themselves (the word “online” will be deleted in the final version).