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The Myth of Having a ‘Great’ Website

A few months ago when I spoke at E-Commerce Conference 2014, I shared a statistic that approximately 70% of the companies in Malaysia still do NOT have a website today (having a FB page does not count as a website!)

There’s almost 650,000 SMEs and nearly 5 million businesses registered in Malaysia as of last year – the numbers are definitely much BIGGER by now.


So to know that only 30% of these companies have a website is kinda disappointing, with all the funding, programs and ‘tech startup’ events we’ve got going on here.

The thing is: starting a website today is A LOT simpler than it was just several years ago.

You don’t need a fancy, custom site (are sites like eBay, Amazon, Google, etc. fancy? Hmmm…)

In fact, a WordPress site is quite enough on the get go. This is what most of my sites are built on. And yes, they’re ‘ugly’ when compared to slick ‘corporate’ sites.

THE REAL QUESTION IS THIS: how are you finding leads online?

The only method most conventional companies can think of is SEO – and the problem with that thinking is, okay, how many sites can get #1 or Page 1 ranking for a keyword?

And even those websites that are getting visitors are not converting them into paying customers optimumly.

Note that right now we have only 30% of the companies in Malaysia having an online presence. And when (not if) it hits 50%… 70%… 80% online presence?

Way I see it, if your business is not online yet – now is the best time to do it.

Again you don’t need a high-end website; a simple WordPress-based site is quite enough to build your Landing Page.

And I recommend using Facebook as the premier of your advertising strategy, for 2 reasons:

1. Immediate results

2. Targeted audience

Both of which I will elaborate further in another blog post.

How To Launch Your Product And Get JVZoo Pick Of The Day Part 2

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post on how to launch your product on JVZoo and get Pick Of The Day. While JVZoo is far from being the first instant commission platform in Internet Marketing, JVZoo continues to innovate and improve.

And with every innovation and update, of course, there are slight changes to the playing field.

On a principle level, the advice I wrote last year is still sound and recommended reading for beginners who want to launch their products on JVZoo. In this post I add further details and tips to increase your chances of having your product awarded “JVZoo Pick of the Day” (which in layman terms translates to having potentially hundreds more sales for your launch!)

Power Tip #1: Create Mass Appeal Offers


In the past several months since the introduction of VideoMaker FX, many of the top selling products are video making softwares or related to videos.

At the start of the year, Facebook related products and software gained currency but as time went on, it fell onto public consciousness that Facebook is consistently updated which quickly renders software on Facebook obsolete or well, something that can get your FB Ads account banned :)  So Facebook related products are on a decline.

Software and WordPress plugins are still hot selling items.

The most important thing is that your offer must have mass appeal. Because JVZoo wants to broadcast the day’s bestselling offer to the rest of their buyers database (which easily numbers into 6 figure leads and growing!) so it has to be something that appeals to everyone.

There had been uncommon cases where products that got #1 Top Seller for the day still did not get pick POTD status and instead relegated that award to the second top seller. So your best bet is to create any of the above mentioned type of offers.


Power Tip #2: EPC Is Everything

As long as your sales funnel EPC is doing at least $1, you’re doing good. Preferably, your EPCs go $2 and above and you’ve got a sure winner here.

Your EPC is influenced by your sales copy conversion and how much percentage of commissions you are paying to your affiliates.

There are a few ways you can increase EPCs, which are:

- Increase commission payout for your affiliates (see tip #3)

- Split test the sales copy (see tip #4)

-Have more offers in your sales funnels

- Higher priced products (especially on Upsells)


Power Tip #3: Be Generous With Your Commission Payout

There’s this guy I know to be an amazing product creator. Only problem is: his offers don’t convert well in spite of releasing many new products. His EPCs and commission payouts are… shit.

Right before his next launch, I asked him to consider raising his Front-End commission payout; this tweak can help raise EPC almost instantly. He refused. When probed further, he snapped back at my apparent short sightedness and that I shouldn’t focus on EPCs.


24 hours later and I checked out the stats of his launch. He didn’t even do past 10 Front-End sales.

No one wants to be paid chump change and the main driving force of your launch is your affiliates. So be sure to pay them well.


Power Tip #4: Split Test Like Hell!

If you don’t fancy investing in an expensive split test software, you can use JVZoo’s split test feature which was introduced just several months ago. I gotta say though, the feature is rather rudimentary and ‘rough’ and does not offer the level of sophisticated split testing given by the likes of Visual Website Optimizer and CPV Labs.

But if you’re running on a budget or you’re doing short term split testing during a product launch, the built-in JVZoo Split Test feature will do.

Don’t make split testing complicated by testing several different elements at a time. Normally, I change one element at a time and split test the variations. For example, I would start off split testing three sales pages with different headlines but the rest of the body are identical.

Then I would run the test for a few hundred clicks to determine the winning copy. And carry on the changes one tweak at a time until the desired results are achieved. This can take anywhere from a day to even several days into the launch. So be committed, don’t get lazy… if you’re going to bank in a high 5 or 6 figures from the launch, I am sure you can stick around for a week to make sure all runs smoothly!


Power Tip #5: Network With Your JVs

This is your ticket to the #1 seller on JVZoo for the day. This is a business like any other business. All the successful launches you’ve seen are owed to successful networking, which is the other missing equation most product creator-minded people do not have.

If you want to get the heavyweight affiliates to support your launch, support theirs first.

Truth is, nobody likes a douche who wants help when he’s about to launch his own product, but disappears when it’s your turn to launch your offer and you hope he can pull his weight in. You won’t get much result just posting your offer on FB product launch groups or Skype groups without any form of reciprocation.

(If you don’t have a list yet… the short answer is: go get one.)


Power Tip #6: Do The Early Bird Deal

This is a tactic I learned from one of my top affiliates, Venkata Ramana.

Basically it is like this:

- If your official launch time is 11:00 AM EST, open the cart early like 8:00 AM EST for a selected group of affiliates and open at early bird price. Example: if your usual price is $9.00 dimesale, open early bird at $7.00 fixed price.

- Let these few affiliates promote early and raise your EPC before the official launch so (a) you have time to tweak your copy (b) when you are about to launch officially, your copy is better.

- 11:00 AM EST until next day (24 hours): keep the price frozen at $9.00 (no dimesale yet) only after, you include the dime sale. I did not implement this since I got lazy lol but you can if you want.


There you have it. With this, I had pulled off two products that got JVZOO POTD in the last two months. As with anything that is worthwhile doing, it is worthwhile investing your time to learn and understand how this works!

D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014 @ MAGIC, Cyberjaya

Edmund Loh delivers his presentation “The Startup Traction” at D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014, and Musemancer visits Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center!